Manufacture of lacquered furniture elements made by masters of the craft

Manufacture of lacquered furniture elements has always been a specialty of Krasoprema. Because of our excellent MDF lacquering, lacquering of chipboards, iveral lacquering and glass lacquering, we have the trust of many companies. Our top of the line UV lacquer line, which ensures fast and high quality manufacture of lacquered furniture elements, enables us to process large orders in a rather short amount of time. At manufacturing lacquered furniture elements like MDF lacquering for example, we are especially successful, which is why our products achieve such great esthetic value. We are especially well-known for our color lacquering to a high gloss.

Manufacture of lacquered furniture elementsManufacture of lacquered furniture elements is exceptional at our company

Manufacture of lacquered furniture elements is of such high quality because we use UV hardening polyester lacquers with the latest technologies for our lacquering of flat surfaces. The most common processes are the lacquering of iveral and MDF lacquering. MFD boards (or medium-density fiberboards) are made from wood fibers, which are glued with the use of synthetic glue. The advantage of such boards that are smooth on both sides in comparison to chipboards is that they do not contain formaldehyde. Processing these boards is simple and fast, at the end they can be enriched with color lacquering to a high gloss. MDF lacquering is a very common process, since MDF boards are very often used in the furniture industry.

MDF lacquering is the end process of manufacture

Color lacquering to a high gloss or a matte finish is the final process of wood processing before it’s sent off to be combined with furniture. MDF lacquering is very important, since it can prevent mechanical damage, like scratches and bruises. High gloss color lacquering has because of this also a high esthetical value, but is also resistant to possible chemical and thermal influences and any food spillages. MDF lacquering makes the furniture hygienic, since stains from liquids and food leftovers can be easily cleaned and therefore prevented from forming any kind of bacterial culture. Manufacture of lacquered furniture elements ensures protection for the furniture and prolongs its lifespan greatly. High gloss color lacquering gives it an esthetic touch.

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