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Chipboard lacquering with the best, because we’re specialists

Chipboard lacquering or MDF lacquering must be performed professionally and our company uses the latest technology for that. Chipboard lacquering and MDF lacquering is performed with the use of UV technology. We can perform high gloss white lacquering or a matte finish. Our production line is specialized to the high gloss white lacquering, but we have no issues providing you with a matte finish. Many companies trust us with the manufacture of lacquered furniture elements because of our modern technology, long tradition and excellent quality. We provide services that include lacquering of chipboards and other materials. Our lacquered chipboard is because of our perfected process without compare.

Chipboard lacqueringChipboard lacquering is common because of great material use

Raw chipboards are greatly user in the production of many wood products. This is why chipboard lacquering is performed so commonly. With high gloss white lacquering or matte finish lacquering we do not only achieve protection of the raw chipboard, but give the products also a great esthetic value. Chipboards can be enriched with several different tints, colors and textures. For this purpose we use a modern UV lacquering line, which makes the manufacture of lacquered furniture elements truly a thing of Excellency: our lacquered chipboard with make even the most precise and demanding customer happy.

Lacquering to a white high gloss will enthuse you

Because of our highly developed UV lacquering line we achieve excellent results when lacquering to a white high gloss or to a matte finish. Furniture which is treated to a high gloss white finish is easy to clear and resistant to light. If it happens you spill food or liquid on surfaces treated in this way, you can easily clean them without fear of damages or bacteria forming. Such furniture is very resistant to mechanical wear like blows and scratches. It is excellently resistant also to chemicals and low or high temperatures. Chipboard lacquering is, because of the nature of raw chipboards, which is very compact on the outer layers, a method that makes a cheap and easy material into a wonderful and resistant creation.