Bohinj accommodation - a holiday by Lake Bohinj

Bohinj offers accommodation for any comfort class and all pay grades. Whether you’re looking for Slovenian apartments, holiday homes in Slovenia, hotels near Lake Bohinj or a bed and breakfast in the mountains. Bohinj accommodations will certainly fill your need. Tourism in Slovenia prides itself on this part of the country, in particular for its mountain ranges and lakes, like Lake Bohinj.

Holiday homes in Slovenia

Holiday homes in Slovenia come in a variety of different versions as well. You can choose to book an apartment in Slovenia, which allows you to spend your vacation with your family in a place just large enough for all. If you’re into more lofty accommodations, Bohinj’s holiday homes in Slovenia will certainly fit that description. You can book an entire holiday home in Slovenia, as small or large as you wish it to be, and have the entire building and its surroundings to use at your desire.

Bohinj accommodationTourism in Slovenia is booming

Tourism in Slovenia relies heavily on the mountainous regions of the country. Slovenia is a popular holiday destination for people from all around the world, who wish to experience the beauty surrounding Bohinj accommodations. Staying in one of the Slovenian apartments in the region, you can see a great many sights Slovenia is renowned for. An example would be Lake Bohinj and its Church of St. John the Baptist, who are both a mere stone’s throw away from any accommodation in Bohinj. If you’re a hiker, which in the case of staying in one of the Bohinj accommodations you really should be, you can trek to the Savica waterfall.

But no matter what part of the tourism in Slovenia initially caught your fancy and where your apartment in Slovenia is located, you can always take advantage of all the sights and activities. For it takes you a mere few hours of driving by car to reach Bohinj, no matter where in the country you begin your journey.

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