Things to do in the Bohinj National Park in Slovenia

Bohinj Slovenia in a beautiful alpine valley with a lake is a charming place that fascinates everyone with its natural beauties in the Bohinj National Park and the cultural heritage with a rich tradition in idyllic alpine villages. There are many Bohinj things to do as the valley offers adventures around the lake with the famous Savica Waterfall, Vogel hiking spot, and hiking trails across the surrounding hills and mountains. Bohinj Slovenia is also known for the culinary delicacies, various events and festivals, as well as for an excellent vacation offer, which has been for many years enriched by an association, that is located in the Bohinj tourist office in the Ribčev Laz village. At the reception and in the souvenir shop you can get information on all events, sports offer, and special holiday packages.

Bohinj Slovenia

Lake Bohinj Slovenia – traditional Savica Waterfall hike

At the Bohinj tourist office, you can book a unique group or individual adventure with a local guide, with whom you will walk along the pathway from the Ribčev Laz village, along the northern side of the lake and to the Savica Waterfall, one of the greatest attractions in the Lake Bohinj Slovenia valley. On the traditional Savica Waterfall hike, you will see many cultural and natural sights in Bohinj Slovenia, its history and customs. While tasting local delicacies, you will learn about the alpine dairy farming tradition and cheese trade.

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Best Bohinj things to do – cycling through the alpine valley

Cycling through the Bohinj National Park is one of the best Bohinj things to do as here you can take 15 different cycling tours. Rent a bike at the Bohinj tourist office and strike out on an unforgettable adventure in the alpine landscape. Asphalt cycling lane, which runs along the Sava Bohinjka River from Bohinjska Bistrica to Stara Fužina village and ahead to Srednja Vas, is suitable for recreational family cycling. You can enrich your cycling trip in Bohinj Slovenia by visiting various natural and cultural sites in these alpine villages. You can also rent mountain bikes at the Bohinj tourist office and strike out into the hilly landscape above the lake, such as Voje Valley and Uskovnica plateau.

Bohinj tourist office

Bohinj activities for active families and nature lovers

At the Bohinj tourist office, you can get all the information and take a family day trip to the Bohinj Slovenia countryside with farms and ranches in the villages near the lake. This is one of the best Bohinj things to do as you will learn about everyday life in the countryside, farm chores, old customs, and see the animals that live on the ranch. You can also book a special package for active family holidays that includes accommodation and various Bohinj activities for the whole family. The Bohinj Slovenia package also includes guided hiking and cycling tours and an unforgettable night torch walk.

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Bohinj Slovenia - traditional events and festivals˙

An Ethno Weekend takes place in Bohinj Slovenia at the end of July. This event revives old customs that have been taking place the day before the traditional Rural Weeding. The event is accompanied by Oberkrainer music, which creates an atmosphere of an old village fete. In mid-August, you can visit Bohinj night that has a diverse program with many attractive performances and music concerts for all generations. The most interesting is the water laser symphony and the fire show on the lake. If you would like to taste local delicacies, then visit the cheese and wine festival in Bohinjska Bistrica as this is one of the best Bohinj things to do in September. In September, Traditional Cow’s Ball takes place in Ukanc village. The herdsmen bring the livestock from high mountain pastures and celebrate a successful summer grazing season in the Lake Bohinj Slovenia valley. The entire event is accompanied by a rich entertainment program with ensembles and excellent food and drinks.