Climbing in Slovenia - explore the Slovenian Alps

If you’re looking for one of the best Slovenian activities and you’re not opposed to a little bit of exercise, why not try climbing in Slovenia? Whether you’re less experienced and wish only to go hiking in the mountains, or are more daring in nature and would like an adrenaline rush actually climbing. In Slovenia you will find several sites and location which will allow you to get your share of the hiking Slovenian tourism.

Climbing in Slovenia
Hiking in the mountains - experience the best of Slovenia

There are many directions and difficulties of the paths leading to the tops of the Slovenian Alps. No matter your age, experience or fitness level, hiking in the Slovenian mountains will provide an adequate challenge for anyone. You can take your family on a leisurely stroll or you can go climbing Slovenia’s highest: Mount Triglav. You can incorporate other activities while you’re climbing in Slovenia too: fishing in Slovenia is very popular, and there is an amazing number of lakes, like Lake Bohinj, which allow you to spend your day patiently waiting for a bite.

Lake Bohinj hikes

If you’re spending your vacation in the Gorenjska region, be sure to go on one of the Lake Bohinj hikes. If you’re looking to go climbing in Slovenia, hikes near Lake Bohinj are the ideal starting point. The lake and its surroundings are situated as close as one can get to the Slovenian Alps’ three mountain ranges: the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, the Karawanks and the Julian Alps. If you’re looking for the best of Slovenia’s hiking in the mountains, you will not be disappointed staying and going for hikes near Lake Bohinj.

So if your intention is to go climbing the Alps in Slovenia and you want to experience some of the best of Slovenia’s hiking in the mountains, be sure to check out offers for hikes near Lake Bohinj. We’re sure you’ll have fond memories of your time spent walking in Slovenia.

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