Bohinj apartments in the heart of pure nature

Many visitors to Slovenia say they’ve never seen a more beautiful lake than lake Bled, that is just until they’ve seen the blue-green waters of Lake Bohinj, 26km to the southwest. Bohinj is less crowded and in many ways more authentic. The Bohinj Valley lies in the heart of the Julian Alps and consists of more than twenty idyllic villages. Lake Bohinj is well-known for being the largest and possibly most beautiful freshwater lake in Slovenia.

With its untouched forests and picturesque mountains, Bohinj is a perfect holiday spot for nature and adventure lovers all year round. Thanks to the good mobility concept that is offered in the area, you can leave the car behind and enjoy softly-mobile holidays.

Every village, like Ribčey Laz, Ukanc, Stara Fužina, Srednia Vas and Bohinjska Bistrica, has its own character and charms, as well as local points of interest. The wider area offers excellent opportunities for skiing, cross country skiing, snow boarding, ice skating, snow shoe walking, paragliding, sledding, tobogganing, rafting, kayaking, swimming, fishing, sailing, volleyball, tennis, golf, mini golf, horse riding, cycling, hiking and much more. Points of interest in the wider area include the ski resorts, the stunning lake, a cascading waterfall, a horse ranch, and the fun-filled Aquapark. The area also offers all types of accommodations, tailored to fit every taste. Bohinj apartments are a perfect choice for all that like self catering, independence, freedom of enjoying their holiday making their own plans, cook their own meals and similar.

Bohinj apartments

TD Bohinj offers comfortably furnished apartments located in an exceptional part of Bohinj, near the Bohinj lake, Sava river, restaurants, shops, information centre, post office and bus station. The Triglav National Park Information Centre is just 1 km away, while the ski centre on Mt. Vogel, where you can go with a ski bus, only 4 km.

While staying in TD Bohinj apartments, you can choose among various sports, cultural activities, and other fun. All units feature a dining and a seating area with a flat-screen, TV and kitchen, equipped with an oven, a microwave, a fridge and a kettle. In each unit, there is a private bathroom with a shower. The property has its own ski school and rental centre for ski equipment, bikes and cars.

Holiday apartments Slovenia

Renting a holiday apartment in Slovenia is probably one of the best places to do so, it is straightforward and will offer you far more than staying in a hotel. The country 's various regions make sure you can rent for example a Chalet in the Julian Alps, a villa in Bled or an apartment on the Slovenian coast and by doing so, obtain some very special and unique experience. Slovenia private apartments can be found in all regions of the country and offer good value for money spent. Taking a private rental apartment in Bohinj is a superb choice.

Private holiday apartments Slovenia

Bohinj apartment rental

There are more than 2,000 private beds available in rooms and apartments, holiday homes and pensions across the beautiful Bohinj area, near to the ski slopes and wonderful Triglav National Park. Their guests can enjoy a wonderful starting base for all kinds of sporting activities, adventures, unspoiled nature and countryside. But needless to say, far most popular are apartments near the Bohinj lake.

All apartments in the private apartment category have the best basic standard, are clean and tidy, with basic facilities and amenities. They come in different categories according to the star rating and the number of people they can accommodate. In general they all have a TV and at least a kitchenette with basic cooking facilities. There are the ones with a balcony or a terrace, some include towels and bedding, but each apartment has a private car parking.