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Hiking in Bohinj can be perfect for the lovers of nature

Hiking has been always the reason for people to visit Bohinj. The area is intersected with marked hiking trails of all levels. You can enjoy guided tours, accommodation in mountain huts and visiting pastures, where you can taste the famous traditional dishes like "žganci" with milk and cheese at local alpine dairy farms. If you choose to do it alone, you should always study some hiking guides or maps, to prevent accidents or getting lost, as for an inexperienced hiker Alps can be very unpredictable. We recommend the route descriptions including distances on I Feel Slovenia website and a Bohinj hiking map with marked hiking trails.

hiking Bohinj

Hiking tours and adventures

One of the more popular easy hikes from Lake Bohinj leads to Slapovi Mostnice. It follows the Mostnica river as it tumbles down the mountains, forming tiny, still pools in deep crevaces before racing into open, tree-lined rapids. The trail usually takes off from a parking lot in the upper western regions of Stara Fužina.

Savica Waterfall is one of the most iconic waterfalls in Slovenia. It is more of an uphill walk along a road (4km) than a hike, but the beautiful waterfall is worth it. If you choose to hike from Ukanc, you will walk along the left bank of Savica river. The trail will take you to the Komarča wall and to the Savica Hut. This foothills lead to the Savica Waterfall. Savica Waterfall is a 4.2km long trail. You will enjoy your moderately difficult walk for an hour and 20min.

Savica Bohinj

Mountain Viševnik hike is a little more challenging. It is 2050m high, and offers unforgettable view of the Pokljuka plateau and Julian Alps. The tour will last about 3 hours. It demands appropriate hiking shoes and clothing. You can visit Jurček hut and Viševnik ski centre where you will enjoy in the amazing views of the Mountain Triglav and other Julian Alps.

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Speaking of more challenging destinations, Triglav, Slovenia’s tallest mountain and the pinnacle of the Bohinj hikes, lies at 2,864 meters upon the sea level. The hikes from the Bohinj side all take 2-4 days, depending on how much distance you can cover.

A route from Bohinj to Čadrg was historically used by the local woman, carrying their death - sentenced men across the hills. It lasts 7 to 8 hours and starts at the Vogel cable car station. With the ski lift you arrive to the Orlove glave, from where you will continue to Čadrg. If you want to return to Bohinjska Bistrica you’ll have to catch the train at Most na Soči.

hiking Čadrg

If you choose to take a hike to the northern slope of the Črna prst mountain, you will be able to see the black soil, the mountain is named after. Črna prst is known for its rich flora. The peak is located in Lower Bohinj mountains above Bohinjska Bistrica. Only a few meters below the summit you can find a mountain hut, open in the summer season. In the off season there is an emergency accommodation in the form of modest bivouac.


If you feel tired of ordinary hikes and want to try something new, you can try (if it is the right time of year) snowshoeing. Once you are fully equipped, the instructors will first show you the basics of snowshoeing throughout the snow. After that, you will be ready to explore the hidden corners of Bohinj (the valley, along the tops of the lower Bohinj mountains, Sorica or Pokljuka).

For all the romantic souls, there is a possibility of an evening hike in torchlight adventure (winter holiday). After a short hike along the shore of the lake, you will visit the church of St. John the Baptist. A local priest will tell you about its interesting history.