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Fly fishing vacations in Slovenia

Many tourists decide to incorporate fly fishing in Slovenia into their vacationing schedule when visiting the country. Fly fishing vacations are completely possible, as there are a number of rivers and lakes to fish in. If you’re staying at the Bohinj Aquapark, you’re a mere stone’s throw away from one of the most beautiful lakes to fish in - Lake Bohinj.

Fly fishing in SloveniaMarble trout fly fishing in Slovenia

One of the highlights of fly fishing in Slovenia is marble trout fly fishing in Slovenia. Marble trout is indigenous to only a few river systems that are in general is thought to be the jewels among fly fishing locations in Slovenia. If you’re interested in going marble trout fly fishing in Slovenia here are a few pieces of information that might come in handy. Firstly, the season for marble trout fly fishing in Slovenia spans from April 1 to September 30. It also requires you to have a permit, else you are viable for penalty. We suggest you contact one of several local fly fishing organizations and allow for them to arrange whatever you need for your fly fishing vacation. This way everything will already be in place when you arrive, you only need to choose the lakes to fish in. These organizations offer to provide you with all the necessary permits, equipment and even guides, should you require them. For a first-time fly fishing vacation, they will definitely make your life a little bit easier.

You don’t have to limit yourself to marble trout fishing alone however. There are many lakes in Slovenia to fish in. If you’re spending your lake holidays by Lake Bohinj for example, you can find several high-quality fishing areas right then and there. You can even hike to Slap Savica, which later runs into Lake Bohinj, and combine your fly fishing vacation with a bit of hiking.

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