Paragliding in the Slovenian Alps

Does going on a paragliding holiday sound enticing to you? Paragliding in the Alps, alone or in tandem with an experienced paraglider? You can find activities and places to visit in Slovenia that offer you exactly that.

Paragliding in the Alps
Paragliding holiday and other activities in Slovenia

Adrenaline junkies will be pleased then they hear they can go paragliding in the Alps while vacationing in Slovenia. You can feel as free as a bird while flying over the mountain tops of the Slovenian Alps. If you’re a licensed paraglider you can go paragliding in the Alps on your own. But even if you’ve never done anything like this before, you can fly in tandem with a professional and still get the same adrenaline rush of a solo jump. You can go hiking up the mountain you will jump off, so you will appreciate the view even more. Or you can combine your paragliding holiday with even more adrenaline. Add rafting in Slovenia to your to-do list on your vacation itinerary and get the blood rushing through your veins even faster.

Aquapark Bohinj - for a bit of splashy family fun

Aquapark BohinjParagliding in the Alps is exciting, but sadly it’s not suitable for just anyone. But fret not, if you’re not into adrenaline, or are on holiday with small children, there are other activities in Slovenia you can take advantage of. One option is for you to visit Aquapark Bohinj. If you’re vacationing with your family, you can have some family fun in the aquatic areas of Aquapark Bohinj, if you’re a couple of lovers, why not have yourselves a day of pampering in the same location? For a proper spa vacation you can even book a stay at the Bohinj Park eco hotel near Lake Bohinj, which is connected to Aquapark Bohinj via an underground pathway.

Whatever your decision, whether you’ll be spending your days paragliding in the Alps, or getting catered to your every need at Aquapark Bohinj, the activities in Slovenia are many and varied enough for you to have a wonderful holiday, paragliding or not.

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