Private holiday homes and other Lake Bohinj accommodation

Private holiday homes are one of the many Bohinj accommodation possibilities when traveling to Slovenia. Tourism information centers, like the one in the tourism association of Bohinj, will gladly turn your attention towards private holiday homes vacant and available to rent in the vicinity.

Private holiday homesIf you’re curious about Lake Bohinj accommodation, be sure to visit Turistično društvo Bohinj’s website, where we’ve made sure to keep a list with all the available private holiday homes and apartments to rent. We even provided tourists with a map of every private holiday home, so you will be able to play your stay and daily trips according to where you’re staying. You are able to filter by location, star (apple) rating, accommodation type and offer, and hand pick the Bohinj accommodation that suits your needs. Whether you’re looking for a private holiday home with all the belts and buckles, like satellite TV, air conditioning and internet, an apartment in one of the many full- or half-board hotels, a room in a bed and breakfast or hostel, or even just a place to go camping near Lake Bohinj.

Bohinj Lake campingBohinj Lake camping

As mentioned above, another possibility when it comes to Lake Bohinj accommodation is, instead of renting a rather expensive private holiday home in Slovenia, to go camping by Lake Bohinj. There is a number of campsites in the vicinity of Lake Bohinj in Slovenia, so camping is definitely always an option to consider, especially for travelers vacationing on a tighter budget. Apartments at Lake Bohinj can be more expensive and even hostels might charge you too much for a bed. Instead, a lot of tourists look to camping near Lake Bohinj, to keep their holiday costs down and at the same time spend a wonderful vacation living sleeping under the stars among almost untouched nature.

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