Cycling vacation in Slovenia

Cycling in Slovenia is very commonplace, not just as an afternoon activity or sport, but as a legitimate way to traverse the country. Even residents of larger cities use cycling in Slovenia as their main means of transportation, as getting from one point to another this way is way faster than by car or public transport. For sightseeing purposes, there are also several Slovenian bike tours you can go on and explore the country healthier and at your own pace.

Cycling vacationsYour holiday in Slovenia can be a cycling vacation

If you’re spending your holiday in Slovenia, you can make it a cycling vacation. Renting a bicycle is quick and easy, you can find rent stores practically anywhere tourists gather. Once you have your bike ready, you can saddle up and go on one of Slovenia’s bike tours. There are several bike tours in Slovenia to choose from, some not even limited to the country alone. You can for example traverse the Alps by bike, from Salzburg to Lake Bohinj, or go cycling in Slovenia and discover the many castles the country has to offer. You can also combine your Slovenian bike tour with a bit of hiking in the mountains. Cycle a part of the way towards the top, then chain your bike to a secure location and continue toward the mountaintop by foot.

If cycling in Slovenia doesn’t give enough of a rush and you’re looking for proper adventure holidays in Slovenia, we suggest you look into white water rafting in Slovenia. This popular tourist and local activity will get your blood pumping for sure. Combine it with your cycling vacation and you can actually go to the rafting location by bike, go down the river by boat and continue cycling in Slovenia if you’re a very fit person. This would certainly give your Slovenian bike tour cycling vacation and holiday in Slovenia a twist.

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