Bike tours in Slovenia - perfect biking holidays

You’ve decided to vacation in Slovenia, why not explore it by bike instead of car or other motorized transport? Bike tours in Slovenia are common, for tourists and locals alike. Grab your family, rent a few bikes and spend your biking holidays cycling through Slovenia.

Biking in Slovenia - long and short distances

One of the benefits Slovenia as a small country has is allowing you the option to reach a lot of places by bike. Organized bike tours in Slovenia can lead you to several tourist sites around the country, all the while allowing you to exercise and breathe in the fresh air while spending your biking holidays cycling. In Slovenia, no one will look at you weirdly if you arrive somewhere with your bike. Biking in Slovenia is very common, especially in the larger cities, where getting around town by bicycle is way faster than by public transport or car.
Bike tours Slovenia
Some of the best bike tours of Slovenia can be found around Lake Bohinj. If you’re looking for Lake Bohinj things to do, going biking around the Slovenian lake is definitely one great option. If you’re camping near Lake Bohinj, you can rent a bicycle nearby and go for a biking tour around Slovenia right then and there. You can reach all the same places as with the car, but are more eco-friendly and are doing something wonderful for your own health as well. Instead of a usual hiking, think of how exciting going on a mountain bike trip in Slovenia might be.

Cycling in Slovenia is so popular, you can hardly find a place you couldn’t be able to reach with a bike. So say goodbye to nasty car fumes, strap yourself to a trusty bike and go spend your biking holidays looking for the perfect bike tours for cycling in Slovenia.

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