Bohinj apartments in the Gorenjska region

If you’re spending your summer vacation in Slovenia and are a fan of mountainous areas, we suggest you look into booking Bohinj apartments. Situated in the immediate vicinity of Lake Bohinj, it is one of the most beautiful places one can spend ones vacation in Slovenia in. Close to it is the Bohinj waterfall called Slap Savica, which is a jewel among waterfalls in the country and one of the most popular Bohinj tourist attractions.

Bohinj waterfallBohinj waterfall Slap Savica

Staying in one of the Bohinj apartments in Slovenia you have the distinct opportunity to visit the local sights and activities the region has to offer. Among the most popular Bohinj tourist attractions is the Bohinj waterfall called Slap Savica. It is among the most well-known waterfalls in the country and has been an inspiration to many artists, including Slovenia’s France Prešeren, who wrote one of his most famous works, Krst pri Savici, while inspired by the Bohinj waterfall. Starting from Lake Bohinj, a well-marked path will allow you to reach Slap Savica in about an hour. While it is usually only about 78m tall, in the flood season its two streams become one and form an impressive 600m tall super waterfall. So even if you manage to visit the Bohinj waterfall in a rather awful time, you will still be able to get some good of it.

Other Bohinj tourist attractions near Bohinj apartments

But Slap Savica is not the only popular Bohinj tourist attraction. Stay at one of the Bohinj apartments and you can take part in many other activities. You can go on one of our backpacking trips into the Slovenian Alps, of take part in one of the bike tours of Slovenia, which allow you to explore the country at your own pace. Starting from your Bohinj apartment you can spend the whole day traveling by foot or bike and return home to rest in the evening. For the adrenaline junkies among you, why not try rafting in Slovenia? You will definitely get your rush from that.

And if you’re on a budget and less squeamish, you can even ditch Bohinj apartments altogether and just go camping by Lake Bohinj.

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