Company Astel is established manufacturer of electronic equipment

Our company Astel has been established almost 30 years ago and has been one of the leading manufacturers of video surveillance equipment. All experiences in security and GSM alarm system area had led us to development and production of marine electronic equipment. This equipment ensures highest level of safety and stability of operations. As a result of well accepted marine lighting products for luxury yachts we launched brand name Astel Lighting in 2009. Brand name Astel Lighting, with architectural and pool underwater lighting solutions, joined our other brand names Astel Marine, Astel CCTV and Astel Controls. Astel Marine brand name stands for various equipment such as: exterior and interior led lights, underwater led lights for yachts and superyachts, wireless yacht control systems, GSM remote control units and necessary accessories. Under Astel CCTV equipment we offer complete lines of matrix video switchers, video distribution amplifiers, sequential switchers, twisted – pair video transmission, keyboards and other CCTV electronic products. Astel Controls brand provides GSM remote controllers, designed to use as stand-alone units or in the combination with video surveillance or alarm equipment. We are constantly striving to maintain position of one of the most reliable suppliers of high - quality electronic equipment.

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