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Outside flood lights fixtures emit single or multi – coloured light

Outside flood lights are designed for illumination of various buildings and their surroundings, for large areas like parking lots, street corners and for some water features like fountains. They have broad beam which provides excellent illumination of different size areas even at great distances. Our company Astel produces different types of smart led outdoor lighting which is very versatile. Astel outside flood lights can be installed on different surfaces, such as walls, floors, ceilings. They are available with diodes which emit single or multi - colour light. For illumination of functional surfaces like steps, podiums, you can choose flood lights in warm, cool or daylight white colour. White colour of light is the strongest, therefore it is most suitable for areas which need proper illumination. Fixtures which emit red, blue or green light are commonly used for decorative illumination of gardens, fountains and other surfaces.

Our outside flood light fixtures are versatile because they are waterproof and dust tight

Astel outside flood lights are available in different models which are suitable for use in humid and non - humid areas. Waterproof outdoor led flood lights are suitable for illumination of fountains. We produce them in two dimensions, their casing is made of stainless steel with beautiful sand blasting finishing. For non – humid areas you can choose among many models of high - quality flood lights. Their modular design allows various assemblies of light fixtures. With that you can achieve exceptional appearance of complete line of light that are installed on your property. For use on private properties, usually small light fixtures are used. Their size should not confuse you, because they are really powerful and they offer superior illumination. They have really small energy consumption and that means they are very economic. That is very important because outside flood lights usually illuminate objects and areas throughout nights which are long, especially in winter.

Outside LED flood lightsOutside LED flood lights fixtures

Outside flood lights fixtures Solea have casings made of stainless – steel or aluminium

External light fixtures from series Solea are very simple to install. They can be mounted on ceiling, wall or on the floor. Their attractive casing is made of stainless - steel or aluminium with addition of optical window which is made of durable polycarbonate glass. Casings are sand blasted or have anodizing finish which is very aesthetic. Models of Solea series with IP 67 are protected against various weather conditions. They can emit single or multi – coloured beam, depending on types of diodes you choose. Single colours that are available are daylight, cool and warm white, green, blue and red. You also have a choice of multi – coloured RGB and RGBW diodes which are mainly used for decorative purposes. Outside flood lights Solea can be controlled manually or automatically. Automatic dimming and colour changing control is done by momentary switch or by DMX512 interface LXU01 with built – in Astel protocol.

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Outside flood lights fixtures Sigma are used for illumination of paths around buildings

Sigma series is a part of our assortment of outside flood lights which are most commonly used for illumination of paths around different buildings. They are available in 1, 2 or 3 high – power design which offers eight different colour choices. You can choose among: red, green, blue, cool white, warm white, daylight white, RGB and RGBW colours for illumination of your home and its surrounding. Outside flood lights fixtures Sigma have aluminium casings with optical window made of high – grade polycarbonate glass. Finishing on casing is sand blasted and/or anodized. According to IP 67,  their casings are well protected against dust and water. Because Sigma led outside floodlight fixtures have compact design with different brackets, light engines and tubes, they can be assembled in a way that best suits your needs and wishes.