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Underwater LEDs are perfect lighting solution for fountains and pools

Illuminated water at night is something that will always bring up some special feelings. With a little help of the right technology, our fountain or swimming pool can become something miraculous that magically lights up or even shines in different colours.

Underwater LED lights for fountains

Fountains that get lit up at night, can be something really special and mesmerising. LED lights surely represent the best solution for their lighting. Underwater fountain LEDs are fairly more efficient than incandescent lights and come in many different versions, like for example LED crowns or Lake lights. They commonly have stainless steel casings and come with modular polished finish that makes them durable and discrete. The kits that are available usually consist from 12 or 36 high-power LEDs with warm, cool or multi-colour, RGB controlled lights, high grade polycarbonate glass, optical window and vacuum metalized reflector. They can get managed with a remote control and have an option of digital dimming.   

Why they are always a good choice

Their main advantages over conventional lighting are their extreme durability, resistance to being continually turned on and off and chromatic reproduction. They produce more light and consume less electricity, and are, if we compare them to other underwater lights, a lot more economic. They come as suitable solutions for the lighting of fountains that have water jets that are less than 10 m deep and are available with clear or coloured LEDs, capable to simply use fixed or achieve wide range of colours, without needing to use additional filters. The colour changing ones bring a whole new level of water effects and make fountains look more dynamic. The most commonly manufactured version of these kind of lights is made to last in underwater conditions and is maintenance free. We can use them for illumination of fountains, ponds, garden fountains, fish tanks, aquariums, pools, spas and are perfect for animated fountains.

Underwater pool LED lightsUnderwater colored LED lights for fountains

LED underwater pool lights

Their appearance can be relatively small. Because they get used underwater, they need to resist certain amount of pressure, so they are generally made of stainless steel, 8-10mm tempered glass and silicone rubber sealing ring. They also have a curved multiple angle, refractive tempered glass and are made waterproof, dust-proof, anti-leakage and anti-corrosion. Their plastic parts are manufactured out of high-quality PVC material and they benefit their hardness. The LED lamps inside them are super bright and energy efficient. Underwater coloured LED lights usually have an option of cool white, warm white, blue, green, red or multi-colour RGB (they combine the three colours, to produce an outcome of 16 million different hues of light), some even RGBW (red, green, blue, white) lighting, they already come with 7 light shows and 5 fixed colours, along with synchronized lighting. Those 5 fixed colours can be customized to 101 different colours. They also have an option of speed, motion and brightness control for the light shows, polarity, transient and thermal protection.

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Before we buy them

Generally, this kind of LED swimming pool lights are quite easy to install, instructions that come with them, are simple to follow. While planning the lightning solution for our pool, we should know that their brightness is a big factor. It will determine how much of the area that needs lighting, will be lit up by an individual light. If we want them to sufficiently light our swimming pool, we must carefully plan how many lights we will need and where we will place them. We should also always make sure that we get the lights that are most power efficient, with possible environmental benefits. The model we buy should be a long lasting one, for example, it should last approximately 10 years.