Fountain LED lights – a little help of lighting that does magic

The hypnotical sight and sound of water falling from a fountain is something that many people are naturally drawn to. Even more so at night, when, with a little help of the right technology, water magically lights up and becomes something miraculous and out of this world. In this case, with the mention  of “the right technology”, we refer to various lightning solutions, available to all those who want to bring a piece of magic into their own environment.

Garden water fountain LED lights

Fountain LED lights

Fountain LED lights have Stainless Steel Casings and come with modular polished finish, that makes them durable and discrete. The kits that are available consist from 12 or 36 High-Power LEDs with warm, cool or multi-color, RGB controlLED lights, high grade polycarbonate glass optical window and vacuum metalized reflector. They get managed with a remote control and have an option of digital dimming. Built-in protocol for DMX512 control and safety measures like polarity, transient and thermal protection are only few of their advantages. The most advanced design with built-in microprocessor enables network connection and simple control of complete groups of single-color or multi-color lights through the complete rainbow spectrum by using optional momentary switch or optional DMX512 interfaces with built-in protocol. Their installation is simple. The series of them are designed with different cable installations for outdoor and underwater mounting options.

Water fountain LED lamps are widely used for square fountains, pool fountains, sea side fountains, hotel fountains, water shows, swimming pools, fish ponds, landscape lighting and all the places with water that needs ambiental lighting or architectural accent.

Underwater LED lights for fountains

Underwater fountain LEDs can be used for illuminating fountains, ponds, garden fountains, fish tanks, aquariums, pools, spas and are perfect for animated fountains. They are fairly more efficient than incandescent lights, as they produce more light per watt of electricity. In comparison to the use of other submersible lights, they are a lot more economic. There are many different types, for example LED crowns or Lake Lights. These lights are suitable solutions for lighting up fountains with water jets that are less than 10 m deep. Their main advantages over conventional lighting, like their resistance to being turned on and off continually, extreme durability and chromatic reproduction, make water lighting much easier. They are also available with clear or colored LEDs, capable to achieve wide range of colors, without needing to use additional filters or just simply use fixed colors. The color changing ones offer a new level of water effects and make fountains look more dynamic. The most commonly manufactured version is made from stainless steel or bronze, made to last in underwater conditions, has low energy consumption, extra long life and is maintenance free.

Water fountain LED lights

Decorate your home with exterior LED lighting

Garden fountain LED lights

Do you have a garden fountain? To fully enjoy it also after it gets dark, you will need a little help of outdoor lighting. Some amazing effects are achievable with just a little strategical planning. There are many types of lights that create diverse effects, depending on how you place them in relation to the fountain. First, the lighting plan should be created.

Underwater LED lights for garden fountains go directly into the water. If your fountain is large enough, they offer a very dramatic effect. These lights can be colorful or white. They make a soft effect on the water and surrounding landscape. Other, external fountain LED lights, get installed around the fountain area and include spotlights that usually highlight special features surrounding the water, or path lights, that make paths around fountain a lot safer.