Exterior flood lights for your home can emit lighting in many colours

Exterior flood lights produced in Astel are made from high quality materials. We use advanced technology which guarantees best products with long lifespan. They are suitable for private and professional use. Exterior flood lights are used for illuminating various buildings and surroundings, while commercial exterior lighting is used for parking lots, parks, paths and much more. With the variety of beam angles to choose from, different illumination effects can be achieved. Lights emit multi - colour or single colour illumination and can be controlled manually or automatically. Where illumination is needed for functional reasons, usually white colour of lighting is used. We offer exterior led lights in three types of white colour temperature: cool, warm and daylight. This type of illumination is most commonly used for illuminating steps, paths and other areas where strong light is needed. For decoration of fountains, various plants and other objects, multi – coloured illumination is most preferred.

Led exterior flood lights are made of high-quality materials

We produce two types of exterior flood lights of series Solea and Sigma which are most commonly used for private homes. Light fixtures from Solea series can be installed on walls, ceilings and ground. One of their qualities is low power consumption as well as transient and thermal protection and simple installation. Exterior led flood lights usually work all night long, so economic efficiency is very important.   Casings of Solea light fixtures are made of high grade stainless – steel or aluminium and have optical window which is made of polycarbonate glass. They offer excellent protection from various weather conditions. Light fixtures from series Sigma have aluminium casing with optical window made of polycarbonate glass. From this point of view, led diodes are well protected against various external factors. Because of their modular design, many assemblies of various components can be done in order to create different fixtures.

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We produce two types of led lights for home interior which have low power consumption

Led lights for home interior have to be professionally planned if you want to achieve efficient illumination. Beside functional light fixtures, there are also some fixtures just for decorative reasons. That means there is a significant number of light fixtures in home and very important is, that they are economic. Led light fixtures are true energy savers because they have low power consumption. Another good quality of led light fixtures is, that with effective illumination, they have a positive impact on  health. Such illumination have positive influence on behaviour and mood, they also decrease anxiety levels and stress, boost creative thinking and much more. You can achieve beautiful architectural lighting interior design with two different light fixtures from our series Quadro and Versa. They guarantee best illumination quality and luminescence spreading in daylight and warm white colour of lighting. Compact oled light Quadro comes in different mounting assemblies for creating unique configurations and structures, while Versa oled light, with one panel designed, can create unlimited forms.

Exterior flood LED lightsLED lights for home interior

Some of our led light fixtures can be used for home interior and exterior

We offer light fixtures which are suitable for exterior and interior use. Series Arcus, designed in stainless-steel casing,  are multi – colour RGB led light fixtures which are most commonly used for illumination of exterior and interior staircases and steps. Series Intensa has extremely low power consumption which makes it very popular as interior and exterior recessed downlights lights, available in various face shapes made of aluminium or stainless steel material. Series Astra have advanced optical system with reflector and holographic diffuser.