Exterior LED lighting is water fountain, pool, plants, steps, paths lights

Exterior LED lighting with various models of lights can create beautiful surroundings of houses and other buildings, parks, parking lots, street corners, pools, fountains and more. Fixtures for exterior LED lighting have integrated diodes which can emit single colored or multi colored lighting. Exterior multi colored lights are usually used for decorative illumination, as well as single colored illumination is commonly used for paths, steps and other functional surfaces. Company Astel produces wide range of exterior LED lighting: Solea, Sigma, Volcano, Spark, Cascada, Sombra and Ufo. These lights have different beams for illumination of different areas or objects. Some of them are submersible, so they can be used in pools, in a water fountain or anywhere else in water. Water fountain LED lights can have 12 or 36 diodes which emit lighting in three colors (warm white, cool white, multi color RGB).

Water fountain LED lights

Solea and Sigma are best exterior flood lights which have advanced design

Best exterior LED flood lights are of series Solea, Sigma and Cascada. Solea and Sigma are most commonly used for illumination of steps, paths, trees, plants, statues. They have stainless – steel or aluminium casing, which is sand blasted or anonidized. Optical window on casings are made of polycarbonate glass. Most advanced design with microprocessor which is built – in enables network connection and control of complete groups of multi colored or single colored lighting through complete rainbow spectrum by using momentary switch or optional DMX512 interfaces with built – in Astel protocol. Series Solea are available in 1, 2, 3 or 6 high – power designs with single colored (warm white, cool white and daylight white, red, blue, green) and multi colored choices (RGB, RGBW). They are most commonly used for illumination of paths around different buildings. Series Sigma are designed for illumination of different paths around homes and other buildings. They have compact design with various brackets, light engines and tubes which allow assembly according to client wishes. Aluminium casings with optical window of polycarbonate glass are sand blasted or have anodized finish. Series Sigma are available in 1, 2 or 3 high – power designs with various choices of colors (daylight, cool, warm white, green, blue, red, RGB, RGBW). Series Cascada are water fountain LED lights which have modular stainless – steel casing with polished finishing.

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Exterior LED color pool light provide various illumination effects

LED color pool light Meteor has stainless steel casing and optical window made of polycarbonate glass. It can have 6, 12, 32 or 36 diodes which emit warm or cool white, green, blue, RGB and RGBW lighting. Remote control is used for turning on and of underwater lightning, to manage lighting mode and luminosity. Pool lighting at night provides different illumination effects. More contrast can be achieved between lighting and water which depends on their intensity, beam angle and layout. Series Meteor are designed to work in extreme conditions with transient, thermal and polarity protection on temperature 10° - 50°C. Meteor XP series are designed for larger pools and its casings are combined with 8 mm thick tempered glass. Their installation is not complicated if basic rules are followed. Company Astel produces series Meteor which represent first ultra – thin underwater lighting with surface mount design. Installation of Meteor lights can be done without any preparation of flat surface. Special adapters are available in case of other installation or replacement.

Best exterior LED lighting

Spotlight and floodlight are different in angle of beam

Exterior LED spotlights are designed to illuminate specific object or objects characteristic. Spotlight has beam which is no wider than 45°. On the other hand, floodlight emits beam which goes up to 120°. Floodlight can illuminate much larger amount of space with exactly the same wattage and lumen output as a spotlight.