Pool light installation is easy if you follow pool light installation instructions

Pool light installation is not complicated with our led underwater pool lights if you follow pool light installation instructions. In our company Astel we have developed series Meteor, which represents world's first ultra-thin compact underwater light with surface-mount design. It has built – in driver, designed to use advanced lighting technology. Meteor pool light installation can be done on a flat surface without any preparation during construction process and this is its main feature. In case of any other installation or replacement, there are special adapters available. Meteor lights with multi - colour diodes allow colour changing manually or automatically through entire rainbow spectrum. Lighting is available also in white, green or blue colour versions. Series Meteor XP represents extremely powerful light which is designed for installation in large pools. The specialy designed niches allow standard installations in pools using different materials and finishes, while the special connector assembly enables very simple maintenance or replacement during servicing period.

Changing pool light installation

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There are some steps you have to follow for correct installation of pool lighting

Pool light installation has to be done according to our instructions. If you don’t have any experiences, we advise the installation is done by qualified person who will also service your lighting in future. However, if you decide to do the installation on your own, you have to follow some steps. You have to make sure power supply is disconnected before you begin with installation. Do not install lighting while pool is filled with water. Underwater lighting has to be installed approximately 0,2 meters below the water line. That way best illumination is achieved and overheating is prevented. Optical window on stainless – steel casing has to be clear which means it can’t be covered with any kind of material. For regular maintenance it is important to clean the light with a detergent or mild soap and lukewarm water with sponge or soft cloth. Light is protected by a temperature sensor which prevents overheating. In case the temperature of underwater lighting exceeds 85°C, it is automatically switched off.

Colour changing pool light is dust tight and waterproof only with proper installation

Color changing pool light Meteor is made from stainless steel casing and high quality polycarbonate glass optical window. Depending on model, it has 6, 12, 32 or 36 diodes which emit cool white, warm white, blue, green, RGB and RGBW colours. There is needed 12 – 24 Vdc power supply. It is designed to work in extreme conditions with thermal, polarity and transient protection on temperature from 10°C up to +50°C. Series Meteor XP for larger swimming pools is combined with tempered glass which is 8 mm thick. Dimensions of both models of Meteor XP lights is 240 x 220 x 64 mm. Beside options of multicolour lighting, it is available also green, blue, red and white led pool light.

Color changing pool light at night

Lighting mode and luminosity control of pool light is operated with remote control

Led pool light remote control is used to turn on and off underwater lighting and to manage luminosity and lighting mode. To operate with all functions, you have to press momentary switch in certain time frame. Optional dimmer can be used to dim the lights. The Meteor pool lights at night can provide different illumination effects. Depending on their intensity, layout and beam angle, you can achieve more contrast between light and water in the pool or equal illumination across the whole pool.

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