Tourism & Hospitality

Tourism & Hospitality

  • Bohinj skiing holidays

    Best offers for Bohinj skiing holidays with Vogel ski center and other ski resorts. Discover the best Slovenian ski destination.

  • Mountaineering, hiking and best activities in Bohinj area

    If you are wondering what to do in Slovenia when visiting Lake Bohinj, then check out TD Bohinj web page.  You can choose between different sports activities, such as hiking, cycling, mountaineering and so on..

  • Bohinj experiences and accommodation

    Bohinj Slovenia tourist office offers you a full list of accommodations, events,  hiking trips and so much more. Read the article to find out more.

  • Camp Bohinj is situated in close proximity of the lake Bohinj

    Camp Bohinj Danica is also a winter camp and offers many campsite activities. For the information and reservation you can turn to Turistično društvo Bohinj.

  • Winter holidays in Sovenia

    You will find a lot of ski resorts in our litlle country, Slovenia. Ski resorts around the country are served by 195 ski lifts.

  • Ski resorts in Slovenia are perfect for all generations

    Ski areas in Slovenia offers great value and friendly service. Resorts are perfect for all generations.

  • Bohinj is a perfect place for lovers of nature

    Bohinj Tourist association provide tourist informations, services and accomodoation.  Their main activities are promoting their destinations, cooperating with other people and companies involved in tourism in Bohinj and managing Danica campsite, Savica waterfall and church of St John the Baptist.

  • Bohinj lake is a perfect destination for your up coming vacations

    Lake Bohinj is a perfect choice for all the lovers of nature, or the one that seek peacefulness. You can choose from multiple activities, depending on which season you are comming.

  • Bohinj accommodation is suitable for every taste, need or a wish

    Bohinj accommodation includes hotels, apartments, holiday houses and hostels, all of the above placed in the heart of Triglav National Park and Bohinj.

  • Bohinj in winter is a perfect place for a holiday

    Bohinj in winter is perfect place for holidays. If you wonder what to do, there is a choice of many activities, like a winter hike to Savica waterfall.

  • Bohinj holiday is perfect for all the nature lovers

    Bohinj holiday is a holliday option in Slovenia. Lake Bohinj, with all Bohinj holiday accommodations available, is a perfect spot for a perfect ski holidays.

  • Bohinj apartments can be a perfect base for many activities

    Bohinj apartments are one of the most popular holiday apartments in Slovenia. The favourite choice of many are Private rental apartments near the Bohinj lake.

  • Mountaineering

    Mountaineering is the sport of climbing a mountain and is more physically demanding than hiking. Mountains often provide a mixed terrain (with the presence of rock, ice and snow), so climbers need to be properly equipped and able to navigate through a wide variety of conditions. 

  • Hiking in Bohinj

    In the Bohinj area, there is a big choice of hiking tours and trails that we can consider. Some of them are guided and payable, while others we can do alone and are for free. But before we decide to try it, we must always study some hiking guides or maps, to prevent getting lost, or worse.

  • Bohinj lake

    Lake Bohinj is one of the top natural pearls of Slovenia. It lies within Triglav National Park, enclosed by the beautiful Julian Alps.  Its crystal clear water warms up during the summer (June - September) and is excellent for bathing, kayaking and wind surfing.