Bohinj Slovenia, a perfect place for all lovers of pure nature

Bohinj or the Bohinj Valley is a 20 km long and 5 km wide basin in the Julian Alps in the Upper Carniola region of northwestern Slovenia. It is traversed by the Sava Bohinjka river. Its main feature is the periglacial Lake Bohinj. The lake is a part of the Municipality of Bohinj, with the capital Bohinjska Bistrica.

lake Bohinj

The basin consists of  the Lower and Upper Valley, Ukanc basin or Lake Basin and Nomenj Basin. It is bounded by the Komarča wall on one and Soteska Canyon at the other end. The Lower Bohinj Mountain Range borders it on the south. In the east, there is a canyon carved by the Sava River, between the Jelovica and Pokljuka plateaus. To the north, Mount Triglav, Slovenia's highest mountain, is also a part of the municipality.

The distance from Ljubljana airport to Bohinj is around 70 km and the journey takes around 1h and 15min.

Things to do in Bohinj

Bohinj began opening up for tourists years ago, with off course its natural attractions being the biggest draw. Over the years it has become a starting point for tourists for day trips, walks on the trails that run throughout the valley, mountaineering and climbing tours. It is also associated with the nearby Bohinj Railway, which includes the Bohinj Tunnel.

hiking Bohinj

In winter the valley becomes a winter sports centre for skiers, snowboarders, ice climbers, as well as ice skaters on Lake Bohinj. During the summer, Lake Bohinj is frequented by swimmers, and with the Sava Bohinjka River, kayakers and fishermen as well. Biking, trekking and climbing are also typical tourist activities of the area.


Restaurants Bohinj

For a true taste of Bohinj we highly recommend visiting one of the many restaurants that carry the Bohinjsko/from Bohinj certificate. These establishments have been recognized for serving or producing products originating exclusively from the Bohinj area. Their aim is to preserve traditions, while at the same time show the diversity of the local ingredients, creating bold contemporary dishes.

restaurant Bohinj

In the area of Bohinj, there are quite few restaurants worth visiting.

Pri hrvatu, Pizzeria Pr'Kosnik, Restavracija Majerca or Pr' Pristavc are moderately priced and you will never be sorry if you choose them. If you wish to try a typical local cuisine, we recommend a restaurant Strud'l, Gostilna Danica, Pension Resje Restaurant or Gostilna Rupa. For a great lunch you should look for a Restaurant Triglav Bohinj, Koča na Vojah, Picerija Ukanc or Pri Hrvatu, while the bars Foksner, Na Rju or Hideout Cafe Bohinj ofer some cheap eats, that will help you bridge the hunger attacks during the day.

Bohinj Tourist office

As well as offering helpful advice to visitors, the Bohinj Tourist Information Centre in Ribčev Laz also offers a wide range of local and Slovene souvenirs and gifts, like for example a wooden heart inlayed with Mother of Pearl or a chunk of delicious Bohinj cheese.

We are located in the centre of Ribčev Laz, between the post office and "Mercator" store.

Our work time is Monday to Saturday 08:00 - 18:00 and Sunday & holidays 09:00 - 15:00,

in July and August 08:00 - 20:00 and 08:00-18:00, and in Nov-Dec 09:00 - 17:00 and 09:00 - 15:00.

Our main activities are maintaining pleasant surroundings, promoting our tourist destinations, cooperating with other people and companies involved in tourism in Bohinj, managing Danica Campsite, Savica Waterfall and the Church of St John the Baptist.

We provide tourist information, services and accommodation and organise events. In our premises you will find a store with souvenirs, guidebooks, maps, Slovene and foreign newspapers, magazines, postcards etc. and an internet hotspot (two PCs with free Internet access, and free wireless Internet access).