Rafting in Slovenia - white water rafting vacations

Have you ever wanted to go on a white water rafting vacation? If you haven’t even thought about that before, we suggest you look into opportunities to go rafting in Slovenia. Several rivers with white water rapids allow for river rafting excursions. When it comes to vacationing, we’re not only about hiking in the mountains! Try Slovenia’s white water rafting for the adrenaline rush you need.

River rafting in Slovenia

Going white water rafting on vacations is quite common for people visiting the country. Rafting in Slovenia is not just popular, it is an experience even the European Commission decided to award with its European Destination of Excellence designation. The clear, emerald-green waters surrounded by nearly untouched nature make for an awe-inspiring experience, one of the best of Slovenia. Rivers where you can go white water rafting in Slovenia down white water rapids are Sava, Soča, Savinja, Kolpa and Krka.

Rafting in SloveniaYou won’t go down white water rapids on your own

River rafting in Slovenia is exciting, but it is also not without risk. It is highly advised anyone without proper training to seek out one of the many white water rafting vacations organizers in the various parts of the country. They will provide you with the necessary gear, which you most probably don’t even own yourself, instruct you on how to act while on the boat and for the case of anything going wrong. You will best white water rapids accompanied by properly educated specialists that will make your river rafting in Slovenia not only an exciting adventure, but a safe one as well. Another fact about river rafting: it does not require any special skills and is suitable for almost anybody. So book your white water rafting vacation today!

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