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Qubino smart home living solutions and smart hub technologies  

The innovative Slovenian high-tech company Qubino offers a wide range of the newest smart home devices that are based on a unique technology with a central control system or smart home hub. It represents an integrated wireless system that connects different devices and provides smart home living solutions. You can manage the technology from a phone, iPad or computer. This way you have full control over a smart lighting system, electricity, alarms, heating, blinds, multimedia gadgets and much more. You can choose a semi-automated or fully electronic system, as flexible smart home solutions can be adjusted to your needs and desires. The big advantage of the Z-Wave smart home products is their simple operation, quick installation, comfort, and safety. Also, Z-Wave products meet the highest standards of quality and durability. Energy efficiency is also a big advantage, as you can check, analyze and optimize your energy consumption at any time.

The company offers complete integration and installation of wireless smart home technologies

Advanced Qubino smart home hub

In  Qubino we connect all devices with a dedicated network. The smart home hub controls all activities and functions of these devices. All data from the central core with the platform is efficiently transferred to the application. This allows you to have control over smart home equipment and manage smart appliances with multiple instructions. You can set up certain activities in the smart home app, such as automatically opening the garage door when you approach your home with your car and a phone. The wireless smart home hub allows you to connect to the equipment even when you're on the move and far away from the house. All activities are in your hands because the app is like a universal remote control that allows you to automate, plan and control events outside and inside the house. The Qubino smart home hub is unique because it effectively integrates into all systems in the smart home. The systems do not function separately and do not have to be managed individually, as they influence and complement one another.

The newest smart home devices monitor items in the house

Qubino's technologically advanced Z-Wave smart home devices allow you to control the various systems connected via the smart home hub. You can open and close garage doors and gates, turn lights on and off, lift and lower the blinds, open windows and set schedules for watering the garden, turning on the washing machine, operating central heating and water heating. Integrated smart home solutions also provide management and control of IT and multimedia gadgets, household appliances, and functions in and around pool and spa. Wireless Z-Wave smart home automation products also have built-in sensors that measure status and activity inside and outside the house. These sensors detect movements, water leaks and simultaneously measure temperature, humidity and the presence of smoke with possible carbon dioxide values. Sensors also provide security by detecting the opening of doors and windows and monitoring the security system with cameras.

Remotely controlled smart lighting system

The remote-controlled smart lighting system enables you to illuminate the interior and exterior of the house according to your preferences. You can turn off or turn on the light in any room without getting up and manually pressing the switch. In the application, you can adjust the volume of light, the dimming of the ambient light, and the color of the light. The popular Qubino`s lighting product is a smart home mini dimmer that is a quarter smaller than any other wireless dimmer. You can also install a smart home flush dimmer on the system, which allows you to adjust the degree of light dimming. This automation product can also measure room temperatures. The possibilities for smart home living solutions are numerous, as you can adapt the technology to your needs and Qubino will adjust the design to your preferences. The company's experts integrate smart home hubs into various facilities such as houses, apartments, offices, business premises and more. The technology with equipment can be installed in older and new buildings.

Smart lighting

Installation of smart appliances

To make things easier we will advise you on the selection of the Z-Wave products with a detailed explanation of their functions and use benefits. We will also explain the options provided in the mobile application so that you can use all the available features.

The  integration and installation of wireless smart home technologies should be handled by experienced and certified experts When they install all the elements and sets up the system, they also do the electrical work and accurately program the smart home hub to ensure that wireless connections are working smoothly.

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