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Home automation of windows and shutters

Smart windows, smart shutters and roller shutters, as well as smart curtains, are all part of one big home automation field - they control the so-called eyes of the home. And while smart windows and shutters also play an important role in home security system, the whole package is responsible for letting light (and warmth) in or keeping it out. All in all, smart windows and shutters are a complex, but very rewarding field.

Smart shutters

Safety first when it comes to smart windows

The biggest role remote controle of windows plays is allowing residents to quickly and effortlessly increase the safety of their homes. How many times did you leave for work, not sure if you closed and locked all your windows? How many times did you pause or keep your fingers crossed as you watched a storm approach while away from home? With smart windows and smart shutters, this worry turned into a quaint relic from the past. Being able to lock windows from anywhere you might be at the moment, greatly increases the safety of your home from invaders, burglars and vandals. There is also no more need to close your shutters on your way to work “just in case”. This means your house will likely welcome you with darkness, dampness and a stale smell once you come home from work. Remote control of windows and smart shutters is a much more elegant solution, which you can employ from work as you realise your home might be in the path of a storm.

Window roller shutters

Smart roller shutters and their role in simulating your presence

Surely there are many more uses you will come up with for your smart roller shutters and curtains, but one of the more innovative (and amusing) must be simulating your presence while you are away on vacation or business. When left alone for longer periods of time, houses quickly turn into potential targets for vandals, so making it appear as though you’re home all the time is not a bad idea. There is also no need to lower and lift your smart roller shutters daily from your tropical paradise (although you can do that if you get bored for any reason). You can easily pre-programme your smart roller shutters and curtains to open and close at different times, which will give the impression of randomness. Flexible timing is also best employed with smart lighting, another home automation system which comes in handy when simulating your presence.

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No more compromise between interior design and easy access with smart curtains

This might sound mundane, but smart curtains and windows, as well as smart shutters and roller shutters will provide additional space on your window sills. As we all know, knicknacks and decorations, even potted plants can get in the way of manually opening windows and shutters, while smart curtains and windows allow you to make the most of these most beautiful naturally lit spaces. At the end of the day, even stargazing is more enjoyable with a remote controlled window.