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Why start controlling your lights wirelessly

Lighting is an important component of every home. It greatly contributes to the atmosphere and overall comfort experienced by its residents and guests. Switch controllers come in handy not only when operating with a single light source, but mainly as a tool which helps users integrate all light sources in their home into different atmospheres - depending on the time of day, season or occasion. Equipping your lights with remote controll light switches is the first step toward a truly connected and functional light design.

Remote control light switch

Designing your own lighting schemes should be fun

There is a whole science to light design, but that doesn’t mean you can’t become the lighting director in your own home and enjoy the process. Modern smart light switch controllers allow users to experiment with different settings, combinations and timings, thus incorporating their own unique and recognizible style into the lighting atmosphere of their homes. Experts from the field of smart home solutions actually advise their clients to start their smarting-up process with remote control light switches. As they are an easy starting point for learning about and getting familiar with basic home automation principles, there is minimal risk of aspiring smart home owners getting frustrated with seemingly complex procedures. Easing into things on the light spectrum is also budget friendly, as lighting fixtures are simple to upgrade with remote control switches.

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From artistic planning to everyday practical use

To be honest, the first thing your new remote controlled light system will become is another modern technical toy. This is nothing to be feared, it’s just a phase every new smart home owner goes through and soon nostalgically looks back upon. As it is also completely harmless, we advise every newcomer in the world of switch controllers to simply enjoy the process. Once the first stage is over, the numerous mood lightings set and lighting architecture in the house brought to the highest level, remote switches start functioning on a more practical, some would say also more basic, level. This includes turning off lights downstairs once you’ve gone to bed, remotely controlling your lights from work or vacation (not letting potential burglers in on the fact that there is nobody home is always a good idea), and generally feeling too lazy to just get up and hit the switch. While some might deem this unnecessary, it doesn’t take much effort to calculate the overall time and energy remote control light switches will leave you with to pursue other passions.

Led light switch

Switch controllers for lights are a budget friendly addition

Remote switches are a relatively simple and non-expensive upgrade, they are generally tiny and there is no need to upgrade all your light sources at once, although it is worth noting that once people get the feel for remote controlled light switches, they rarely turn back. They work with practically every light source, including double switches and LED switches. 

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Once you get addicted to remote light switch controllers ...

Remote light switches can easily be connected and controlled through an app on your smart phone, allowing you to switch your lights on or off, dim them, even chose the colour spectrum. Once you get started, there is a good chance you will become an avid reader of semi-professional literature on the latest dimmers, relays, and smart plugs. Despite this warning, we should note that the satisfaction arising from a perfectly set-up and connected lighting system far exceeds any risk of you turning into a partial smart home geek.