wireless smart home

Smart consumption with Qubino smart technologies

Qubino, a Slovenian company, develops innovative Z-Wave high-tech devices based on smart technologies. By installing the wireless products into a system and using the mobile app, you can monitor, control and operate with the smart consumption of various electrical elements in your home, office, business premises or elsewhere. It means that with the remote electricity consumption, you have complete control over activities and energy costs, which can be reduced by more than 30 percent annually. The installation of energy meters enables you to get an overview of the smart consumption of various devices such as household appliances, domestic water heater, multimedia gadgets and electrical elements that are integrated into the heating, ventilation and poll system. You can also save money by using wireless connections on your phone and turn the appliances on or off. This way, the electrical machines in your home will only run when needed, especially those who consume the most energy.

Qubino smart home solutions are the smallest Z-Wave devices in the world with the easiest and quickest installation possible.

Smart consumption – energy meters

Qubino's smart technologies offer the use of energy meters, with meters for a single-current electric power and meters for a three-phase grid. The latter can measure the smart consumption of three appliances together, a single three-phase electrical element or all devices throughout the house that is powered by a three-phase current. Energy meters are small devices with a microprocessor that can be easily mounted in a control cabinet or on a DIN rail. The mobile app provides instant data for the smart consumption of each electrical element and displays accurate measurements in units such as kilowatt-hours, amps, kilovolts, voltages, watts and more. Smart technologies also make it possible to install Z-Wave connectors, which provide even more accurate control of power costs. Electrical devices in your home can be automatically switched off if they exceed the set energy consumption. You can also have control over smart consumption by setting a periodical timer to turn off or on your home appliances.

Remote electricity consumption – wireless lighting system

Qubino's smart consumption system also includes products that control and operate the lighting inside and outside the house. Z-Wave smart technologies with light dimmers and other lights enable you to design illumination according to your needs and wishes. Besides, these devices have additional built-in wireless features. In a mobile app, you can turn the lights on and off, set a timer to turn them on, and use the options to manage smart consumption for each light bulb in a particular room. Your phone displays data about how much energy a single light bulb consumes, whether it is a halogen, fluorescent or an LED light bulb. Remote electricity consumption of the lighting in your home also includes the installation of the Flush Relay. This wireless product allows you to check if the lights in a particular room are switched off or not. The smart technologies are especially valuable if you are away from home for a long time and don't want the lights to consume more power than necessary.

Smart underfloor heating – how much energy does it consume?

Wireless smart technologies allow you to monitor and manage the electric and water heating system. Qubino Flush ON/OFF Thermostat enables you to remotely control the energy consumption of smart underfloor heating by switching the system on and off. By doing so, you can always check how much energy is smart underfloor heating consuming. At the same time, you can also regulate the temperatures in your home. The Z-Wave Flush Thermostat precisely measures the smart consumption of the entire heating system in the house. Qubino smart technologies enable you to install other devices, such as energy meter and plug 16A, to manage the smart underfloor heating system. These Z-Wave products measure electrical current and have remote power on/off functions for various devices. If you install one of these products, you can also add an IKA or BICOM connectors to them. Those connectors automatically switch off the smart underfloor heating when it reaches the previously set smart consumption limit.

Wireless smart home devices, that enable you to control your electronic devices with your smartphone, we managed to bring the advantages of this prospective technology in many homes

Smart consumption – domestic water heater

The Qubino Flush ON/OFF Thermostat is also a useful device for managing different functions and controlling the smart consumption of domestic water heaters. Standard boilers, which are considered high-energy consumers, regulate the temperature of the water in such a way that they constantly pump it to higher levels so that the water is always hot and ready to use. By this, a lot of power is lost when the water is heated, even if you don't need it. Smart technologies allow you to heat water only when you need it. With the app, you can switch the domestic water heater on or off. The water heats up quickly so that you can take a shower soon. Qubino Flush Thermostat also transmits accurate smart consumption data from your domestic water heater to your phone. It also regulates the hot water circulation pump. An optimized smart consumption system saves you a lot of money.