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What is smar home hub?

If you have heard about home automation, you realized that for your living space to really be called a smart home, all devices need to get connected to a central network also called a smart home hub. This smart hub can be said to be the soul connecting all devices, making them function as one and in harmony. The question now is, how then does it work?

Generally, a hub is a network device that functions as the collector of data from the various devices, then interprets the data, sending them to their intended locations. Mostly, this hub comes with a built-in switch that maintains the data necessary for interpreting and forwarding commands. In addition, a home hub normally has an app that makes it possible for you to control your home and execute tasks remotely.

Whichever smart home device you have, be it a thermostat, power outlets, door locks, energy monitors or different types of sensors, a smart home hub acts as the central system which connects all these individual smart devices making them function as one, and makes your home truly smart. What this means is that data can be transmitted from a thermostat through a door lock to the hub for interpretation and execution of the command sent.

In the smart home world, you will discover that many smart home devices have their own branded hubs, and this mostly makes it impossible to connect smart devices from other companies with the hub, making communication difficult. This is a kind of setback because with such hubs you have to get smart lights, sensors, locks and other devices from the same manufacturer making others not compatible.

To avoid this, you should ensure that you go for a smart hub that is compatible with devices from other companies, and you’ll normally find this mostly in smart hubs that run on Z-Wave technology since they easily integrate with other smart home devices not minding the manufacturer.

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One of the beautiful aspects of home automation the smart home hub controls is lighting, especially light dimmers which creates wonderful impressions and scenes for you. Light is very important and is everything when it comes to furnishing your home, and it greatly affects your mood. There are light dimmers suitable for a romantic dinner, and also several ones for reading and cinematic scenes. The good thing about home automation is that through your home hub, you can set up these lights no matter the dimmer switch you are making use of. Sometimes, you may need a particular space in your home for various purposes, and this is where the dimmer switch comes in, making the whole process as seamless as possible without you having to lift up a finger after setting it all up. However, with the numerous dimmer for LED out there, you could get overwhelmed in choosing one, so how do you know the best light dimmers for you?

You’ll come across several LED dimmer switches that control light just in a particular room, and even those that handle several rooms, therefore make up your mind on the type you want in particular. In addition, the control system should be considered, because even though the remote control is the trend, some people still prefer the old manual wall-mounted switch.

Still, on factors to look out for, there are certain dimmers that are produced to work together with the top smart home system, but others are restricted. If you want more flexibility, then consider these light dimmers, and go for one that runs on the Z-Wave technology because they are mostly flexible and are compatible with most smart home systems.

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