wireless smart home

Mini dimmer easy to install

Z- wave LED dimmer helps us mimic our presence at home

A Z- wave light switch dimmer uses Z-wave, the communication protocol for smart devices and the world’s largest ecosystem of interoperable smart home products.

Qubino smart z-wave lighting controls provide some affordable light dimmers that are easy to install and will help you control lighting and small appliances of your home. The company offers an assembly of z-wave dimmer modules that can satisfy any need. The two-wire z-wave dimmer turns the light or appliance on/off from one location, a three-way wiring configuration from two, while a four-way wiring configuration from three separate locations. Their Micro-module Z-Wave Plus can vary the intensity of a dimmer-compatible lamp, or the speed of a certain type of the motor (for example a ceiling fan). You can control it from your home automation system or with the ordinary switch as it has a possibility of connecting it to a push button. This moduleˈs own power consumption is very low and the device measures the energy being used and total consumption of the devices it controls, which makes it ecological and economical. Because of an input for connecting a temperature sensor, it can be very efficient for managing ventilation, heating or air conditioning.