wireless smart home

Dimmer for LED is an investment that will reimburse itself

Creating a smart home has a lot of benefits. Why start with a dimmer switch for LED bulbs? Because the lighting is the cheapest way to transform a home into a smart home. It's an investment that will reimburse itself in just a few months after installation. With energy levels lower, we will save money on our electricity bill. Dimming the lights means less strain on the bulbs which will expand their life span. A good reason to get a wireless dimmer switch (if saving the money isn't enough) is to vary the lighting in the room for different occasions. We can brighten lights in the office when we work and can dim them when we are watching TV, relaxing in a tub, or putting kids to bed. The best thing is that we can control them from anywhere.

Dimmer for LED consumes less electricity

Dimmer switch for LED - an easy way to control LED lights

Dimmer switch for led is a great choice for home because we can adjust the lighting to individual situations and at the same time, our smart bulbs can still work as ordinary light bulbs. Creating a comfortable atmosphere has never been easier. Dimmer for LED is a device for a LED bulb that adjusts the amount of light by altering the supply current to the lamp. The brightness decreases and so does the power consumption. Dimmer switch for LED bulbs creates different dimming ranges which depend on bulb type, electric system, and dimmer module.

Qubino Mini Dimmer provides extra security for our home

Choosing the right LED compatible dimmer switch shouldn’t be an impossible task. Our mission at Qubino is to make things as easy as possible. From buying the right dimmer to installing it and integrating it into your new home. There are a lot of perks by having a dimmer for led bulbs. Like not getting out of the bed to turn the light off, or creating a mood for a party, etc. However, one perk stands out a bit more - security. Having the dimmer switch gives us the ability to remotely control home lighting from anywhere in the world. This gives us opportunity to protect our home from potential burglars even when we are on a vacation. The Qubino Mini Dimmer works great with a 2-wire (common for older homes) and a 3-wire installation system. As the smallest of its kind (by consuming only 0,4 W electricity) it’s perfect dimmer switch for LED low wattage bulbs, since there is no minimum load power required. To make the set-up easier, the Mini dimmer has an RGB LED signalization. This way it's easy to determine if the dimmer is connected to the network or not. Among other exquisite features is also reporting power consumption. Whenever the consumption is increased or decreased it’s reported to us. The values, which correspond to percentages, are set, and the device will report any power changes.

Choosing the right dimmer for LED bulbs

Even though it sounds tad obvious, when buying, we have to make sure to get LED compatible dimmer switch and dimmable LED light bulbs. It's a common misconception that all LED lights can be dimmable with dimmers. Dimmer switches for LED are designed especially for LED bulbs and often have different parameters and modes to enable effortless dimming. If we use non-dimmable LED bulbs on a dimmer the bulb won't work properly, because they are made to be fully off or on. LED bulbs have special wiring inside that allows them to vary current levels to create a dimming effect. These are just a few things that we need to be careful about when buying a dimmer for LED bulbs. If you have any more question please contact us and our experts will be happy to help.