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Welcome to the world of smart kitchen appliances

As a person who spent a life-time using a TV remote, it just recently dawned on me, that remotely operated technology up to now has been mostly focused on fun and much less on the more tedious tasks which plague our daily lives. Sure, there were remotely controlled assembly lines in factories, but smart household appliances are a relatively recent invention. I dread to bring up the question of “why”, as it would only rouse unnecessary ideological arguments and divert our attention from the important part, which is: for whatever reason, smart household appliances are here and we are welcome to enjoy all the benefits they bring. Household appliances have never been anyone’s “thing”, not until now. But things have changed. With the added allure of programming and remote operating, smart kitchen and other household gear garnered a lot of interest from the otherwise not so invested parties, such as spouses, teenage children and even middle-aged in-laws who would like to get their piece of our action.

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There is plenty going on in the kitchen

Smart home devices bet on two things: size and simplicity. Developers are doing their best to produce the smallest products possible which are easy to use and offer a wide utilisation range. In the end, home automation should allow you to spend less time off work actually working, and more time relaxing. Kitchen is one of the rooms in our homes where we spend the majority of our home working hours. Some of us enjoy them more than others, but no-one is opposed to having the load of strenuous kitchen related chores taken off their shoulders. Smart home technologies help by allowing you to operate household appliances wirelessly, from wherever you are at the moment. This includes washers, dryers, stoves, cooktops, irons, and mostly everything else you can think of. Control is made easy by connecting appliances to your smart phone. With just one click of a button, you can turn them on or off, monitor energy consumption and, subsequently, save time and money.

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Start with a smart plug, a one size solution for all your appliances

A smart plug is a remotely and wirelessly operated electric socket which upgrades every household appliance into a smart one. By connecting an appliance to electricity via a smart plug, you can easily turn it on or off from any location using an application on your smart phone. Smart plugs are small and consume very little energy, and are generally considered an excellent addition to any home, regardless of its current level of “smartness”. Regardless of the additional small amount of energy they consume, smart plugs act as energy savers, as they let you operate your appliances at times when electricity is provided at lower rates, regardless of whether you are actually home at those times.

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No need to make your water heater work constantly with remote access

Water heaters are major contributors to every household’s energy bill. There is no longer any need to choose between keeping your water heater on to be able to have a warm bath when you come home from work, or waiting for the water to get to the right temperature upon your arrival - which more often than not ends either in a bath that is not hot enough, a shower which ends abruptly as hot water unexpectedly runs out, or annoyance of other family members while you wait to avoid the previous two options. Now you can simply turn the water heater on from your car on your way home and skip the entire ordeal. Smart home solution apps work with all domestic water heating systems, from circulation and heat pumps to hot water tanks. They allow you to set the temperature and help you save energy, money and ultimately your sanity.