wireless smart home

Smart home appliances make life simpler and more enjoyable

When planning your smart home, you will definitively need to invest some thought into what is it that you need and expect from your smart home appliances. There is also the inevitable investment of time and funds, but in the end it’s all worth it - as many happy smart home residents will attest. Planning often starts at the front and garage doors and moves on to smart shades. Their common characteristic is that they all connect our intimate spaces with the great outdoors, which means that decisions regarding them play an important role in defining the relationship our apartments or houses establish between what stays in and what is kept out. Perhaps surprisingly, the effort to separate private and public ends in monitoring IT and multimedia devices, which includes TV wireless control and other wireless options for controlling the “virtual outdoors”.

Remotely open garage door

Smart garage door openers work with smart phones and listen to your voice

To upgrade your garage door into a smart garage door, you first need an electric garage opener, one of those devices which became popular shortly after WWII. Most garage door openers can be remotely controlled by hand held devices, but smart home technologies have developed the system further, so you can now connect the electric motor operating your garage door (or any other door, for that matter) to an app and open or close it with just your smart phone, or even one of voice controlled virtual assistants available on the market. Most modern remote control (garage) doors also come with surveillance systems which let you monitor what is happening at your house in your absence.

Doors remote control

Smart shades are the next step to a perfectly coordinated smart home

Smart shades are a bit more challenging than remotely controlled garage doors, as they come with many physical characteristics and programming options, but as far as smart home appliances go, they yield great results for the effort and money invested in them. From the simplest remotely controlled movement to voice controlled apps which allow a variety of different combinations, the playing field is truly vast. Motorised shades can be pre-programmed to adjust to changing natural light throughout the day and the different seasons, as well as programmed in real time in case of different needs while you are at home, or unexpected weather conditions when you are not. There is actually no need to invest in brand new, latest smart shades for your home, as virtually any type of shades equipped with an electrical motor can be upgraded into a smart version with just minor additions.

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Wireless control of TV and other multimedia devices

There are as many reasons to want to control your TV and multimedia, as there are warnings about possible dangers out there. Maybe you want to monitor your children’s TV and gaming time, or you just forgot to turn your monitor off and would prefer to lock the access to your computer. Perhaps you need to access content on your home multimedia devices, or you fear a storm could damage your TV and want to turn the power off. Whatever the reason, smart home solutions offer a variety of ways you can manage your TV and other electronic devices from wherever you are. When it comes to IT and multimedia, it is certainly wise to be in control.