wireless smart home

Z-Wave smart plug and smart energy meters

Z-Wave products provide smart home solutions for efficient electricity consumption. Innovative smart energy meters and Qubino smart plug 16A give you full control over the power consumption of the various devices in your house. They measure each appliance individually so that you have an exact overview of each device. With the smart home wireless system, the mobile application allows you to manage operations of elements such as IT and multimedia devices, household appliances, domestic water heating systems and elements that are part of the heating and ventilation system. You have control over all the electrical elements in your house. However, you can use remote switch technology only on appliances that consume most of the electricity. This way you can optimize the whole process. By doing so, you can save on your electric bills when significantly reducing your power consumption. The Z-Wave smart plug also enables the function to turn on or off the operation of an individual electrical device that is connected to the system via a remote switch.

Smart home wireless system

Z-Wave smart energy meters for single-current electric power

Z-Wave smart energy meters for single-current electric power are designed to control the electricity consumption of different devices and thus save costs. You can monitor all your expenses anytime and anywhere with the mobile app. With the home remote control, you also take the appropriate action if you find that a particular electrical element in your home consumes more energy than usual. The smart home system allows you to control appliances such as ovens, water heaters, solar panels on the roof of the house and much more. All these devices have an integrated remote switch so that you don't have to turn them on or off manually. The power meter is easy to install in the control cabinet and is positioned in a single-current network to measure electricity consumption. This innovative smart home product contains a special remote switch microprocessor with a counter that operates via wireless reception signals that are then transmitted together with the collected data to a smart home hub as the main platform. From here, power consumption data transfer to your mobile phone.

Smart home device in a three-phase current network 

You can also reduce electricity consumption in residential or industrial buildings by installing a three-phase Z-Wave smart energy meter that can control the energy consumption of three different devices, a single three-phase electrical appliance, or the consumption of an entire smart home running on the three-phase grid. A power meter with remote switch technology allows the current flow to run through the device itself and accurately measures various values such as voltage, watts, kilowatts, import and export of kilowatt-hours, amperes, kilovolts, kilovolt ampere-hour, and power factor. The Qubino product can be easily mounted on a DIN rail without the use of couplings. You can also add BICOM and IKA connectors that are compatible with the Z-Wave wireless hub platform in your smart home system. With these connectors, individual or groups of electrical appliances can be automatically switched off if they exceed the set power consumption. It is also possible to set a periodic remote switch disconnection of the electrical elements in your house.

Qubino Smart Plug 16A

The Qubino Smart Plug 16A combines power with 16A / 3680W output as electrical appliances in your smart home range up to these values. Therefore, they need a remote switch with a higher voltage current for optimal operations. With a smart plug, you can measure and control electricity consumption and use the home remote control for most household appliances, such as heating panels, water heaters, irons, washing machines, dishwashers, televisions and other multimedia devices, irons, table lamps, ovens and more. You can also switch a particular household appliance on and off using remote smart home technology. The Qubino product works on all Z-Wave-certified gateways and is therefore connected to the smart home hub platform. The device is also equipped with a cyber security system that protects all appliances in the system via a secure wireless communication protocol.

Qubino smart plug 16A

Smart plug – instructions for use

Put the Qubino Smart Plug 16A into an electrical socket. Then the home remote control technology connects to the Z-Wave gateway and the smart home hub platform with configuration. Insert the fitting of the household appliance into the smart plug. At this point, the smart home wireless system starts working and measuring the energy consumption in W and kWh. When you open the app, it offers you to choose from different household appliances that are connected to the system. You can select the one you want to control, or you want to turn the device on or off. The smart home device also has a built-in overvoltage protector that prevents causing damages. The smart plug protects all connected devices against overvoltage.