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Smart plug helps us to effectively control our devices

Turning our home into a smart one is not difficult if we have the right devices. In fact, a smart plug is the device that can make our entire home smarter, or at least help us control our otherwise “dumb” devices more effectively and easily. It can transform the way we interact with the devices and appliances in our home. If we are just stepping into the world of smart home technology, or we can only afford a couple of smart home products, smart plugs are a great place to start, as they are not expensive.

Smart plug plugs into our regular wall plugs, but usually comes with a corresponding app, so that we can control whatever we plug into it remotely. We plug the smart plug directly into an ordinary home plug then connect any device into the smart plug. Using an app, we will be able to do things like turn off our bedroom lamp, even from elsewhere, turn on the coffee maker without leaving the comfort of our bed, or make sure that the slow - cooker is on while we are still at work.

Just like other smart home devices, a remote control plug can be programmed to turn on and off at specific times, which means we can schedule it to do the same for our regular appliances. With schedules, we can program lamps to turn on when it is time for us to wake up, or set the coffee machine to make coffee at the same time every day. Many of remote plugs also come with an away mode, that will make our lights plug on and off at random intervals, making it look like someone is at home when our home is actually empty.

There are certain models, designed specifically for an outside use, and as such perfect to use for controlling our outdoor lighting.

Let us keep in mind that some smart plugs only allow for one device to be plugged in at a time, so if we are using something that consumes a lot of energy, we might have to buy more of them. On the other hand, some of the plugs come even with multiple outlets and allow us to power up to eight devices at a time.

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The smart way to control any home device

Did you ever have a feeling that u forgot something?  Maybe you left in a hurry and forgot to turn off your cooker, a lamp or a light, that will waste unnecessary amounts of energy or even cause some greater damage?

Qubino Smart Plug 16A can be used in many different scenarios and can help make our life more comfortable. Of course, there are countless of options for how to use it to control the devices via our smartphone. It can automatically turn devices on or off after a set period (for example when we are away from home). It combines practicality and power with a 16A/3680W output, is powerful enough to control and manage any appliance and small enough to fit more than one on the same power strip.

This remote plug controls on/off function for the connected device. According to the principle of fast sampling of voltage and current signals, it measures their power and consumption in real time, and reports it to our smart home app (our gateway (hub) needs to support this feature). Then a built-in microprocessor calculates energy and power from the measured signals. Using it we can prevent the unpleasant surprises concerning utility bills. It also acts as a Z-Wave repeater to improve the range and stability of the Z-Wave network.

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