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Smart dimmers bring new level of comfort to contemporary homes

Dimmable lights are a favourite lighting fixture technology around the world, as they can make any room feel as private or as lively as the occasion commands. Traditional dimmers are mounted on a wall, usually in the same space as the lighting fixture, requiring manual operation and thus personal presence. Smart dimmers, on the other hand, control the lights wirelessly, making it easy to control lights throughout your home from wherever you are.

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Advantages of smart dimmer switches

There are many commonplace situations when people are more than happy to not have to get up (again) just to dim the lights or turn them off or on, which most of us are familiar with. Getting to bed and realising the lights are still on downstairs, watching television and knowing that the experience could be much more vivid and satisfying if you just bothered to dim the lights, having kids who are afraid of darkness and keep getting you out of bed to turn on the lights, only to have to get up once again later, when they fall asleep, to turn them back off. In all these cases, wireless dimmers work like extensions of our own thoughts, making them come true with absolute ease (and a click of a button). Apart from the situations mentioned, smart dimmer switches can also be used while on vacation, when sporadic use of lights quickly and effectively wards off burglars, for example.

What type of lights can smart dimmers be used for?

Wireless smart dimmer switches work with every type of dimmable light sources, from LED, halogen, incandescent and fluorescent. For a tiny device, they offer a large dimmable range. A house equipped with smart dimmer switches can conjure a multitude of atmospheres, appropriate for different occasions. Light sources can be arranged in sets and managed by groups, or adjusted separately, whatever is most convenient at the moment. Manufacturers work hard to produce dimmers as small as possible, so they can fit in the back of traditional wall mounted dimmer switches, enabling a combination of manual and wireless remote control.

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Programming your lighting in advance will turn you into a lighting designer

As any professional architect, interior or set designer will tell you, achieving the right lighting is key to a successful theatre, movies, well running restaurants, public spaces, shopping centres, and, of course, your home. Connecting the lights of your home into a virtual network controlled by wireless smart dimmer switches will instantly present you with a vas playground where you can test your artistic and technical abilities, sometimes wowing and at other times bewildering yourself, your family and your guests. Once you get the hang of how different lights around your home interact, you will be able to programme several lighting regimes in advance, to avoid last minute trial and error. Practice makes perfect, as they say, and smart dimmers are no exception.

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The technical side of things which is not all that technical

Smart dimmer switches are quite easy to install and connecting them to an app on your phone is pretty straight forward also. They work with both Android and iOS and can be managed from anywhere in the world, as long as there is a wireless connection available. You can also pre-set the lighting schedule while you are away, and completely avoid worrying about the safety of your home.