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Small dimmer can solve a lot of problems

Qubino mini dimmer is 25% smaller than any other wireless dimmer in the world. It will calibrate to work with our specific type of bulb, from LEDs, fluorescent, halogen to incandescent ones. No matter what type we are using, it will bring a maximum amount of dimming range. By using it, we can connect and remotely control low wattage bulbs. It is the only Z-Wave dimmer on the market that does not require any minimum load power.

Whether we want to create a mood for a romantic event or a party, with Mini Dimmer we will be able to create just the right atmosphere. We can for example switch to a bright light that allows us reading, while in the same room, other family members can enjoy watching a TV show or a movie, dimming the lights that surround them, without bothering us. Using this tiny device, we can even control the safety of our home with a single tap, simulating our presence at home, by controlling our lights when we are away.

Being the smallest of its kind, Qubino Mini Dimmer fits in any flush mounting box around the globe, and even the smallest, shallowest and most crowded electrical boxes. For a successful installation, we only need to follow few simple steps. It is the universal light dimmer that will work with a 2 or a 3-wire system, so traditional homes with old electrical systems can be turned into smart homes as efficiently as new houses. Additionally, it does not require a neutral wire (N).

The device has an option of RGB LED signalization, which makes it easy to recognize if it is included or excluded from the network. It consumes the least electricity in the dimmer community (only 0,4W), uses Z-Wave technology, which makes it compatible with all certified gateways supporting Z-Wave communication protocol and its packaging is made of 0% plastics (we only use carton material that can be recycled). It also acts as a Z-Wave repeater.

The smallest wireless dimmer in the world

Is my dimmer switch overloaded?

It is perfectly normal for a dimmer switch to be a little warm when our lights are on (or partially on) but if it is hot, there could be a problem.

In general, if the switch is too hot to touch for more than a second, it is probably too hot. The average dimmer operates at approximately 140F, which might seem quite hot, but most of that heat is contained within the electrical box in our wall.

Every device of this variety has a maximum load (measured in watts) that it can easily handle and is usually found on the switch itself (you will need to take the plastic cover off). Most of the standard ones are rated 600 watts for incandescent bulbs or 150 for CFLs and LEDs. If our dimmer switch is excessively warm, we may have too many bulbs running off it.

We can add up the wattage of each bulb connected to the dimmer. If we realize we have too many bulbs on a single switch, we can upgrade it. Some devices handle up to 1000-1500 watts. We can also change our lighting to LEDs or CFLs, as they use less energy comparing to incandescent bulbs, which usually means that a single switch can carry more bulbs.

2000 watt dimmer switch

For having large loads in the past we had to separate circuits into different branches and control each branch separately. If there is a need for the high wattage nowadays, there are some dimmers, compatible with most dimmable loads, which operate at capacities up to 2000 Watts, handling large lighting loads, such as chandeliers, tiers, recessed lighting or outdoor fixtures. 

The 2000 Watt Dimmer can be usually controlled by multilocation controllers, room or house level scene controllers and other kinds of wireless dimmers, which allow us to remotely recall a scene, or control the lights from anywhere within the network, while the device remains hidden from view inside an electrical closet or up in the plenum.

Dimmers for multiple lights