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Mini dimmer can be a perfect solution for your lighting

Lighting is one of the easiest ways to make a difference in our space. The goal is not to make everything as bright as possible, but rather to create contrast and depth, with a warm light mix that we can adjust, based on the mood and the time of day.

Dimmers control the brightness of the light bulbs in our home. They work with many common fixtures, and we can use them to instantly change the ambiance of a room. But let us not talk only about the issues of the comfort and aesthetics, we should not forget the fact that dimmed light bulbs also conserve energy.

An innovative Mini dimmer by Qubino is always a good choice

The way we light our home can play special importance in small spaces, where due to possible space restrictions, we can easily bump into some problems with the installation. But do not worry! With their Mini dimmer, the smallest wireless dimmer in the world, Qubino offers just the right solution. This tiny device will fit into any flush mounting box worldwide and even the smallest, most shallow and most crowded electrical boxes, overflowing with wires. Using it, you will be able to smarten up your conventional lighting, control and dim your lights from anywhere. It also really excels when it comes to ease of installation and integration. It takes only to shut the power OFF, remove the switch from the flush mounting box and disconnect it from power supply, check 3 or 2-wire installation diagram, connect the device to the power supply, switch, place the dimmer into the flush mounting box, put the switch back on and turn the power ON. Done that, you can simply search for new devices on your Z-Wave gateway and include Qubino Mini Dimmer in the Z-Wave network. It works like a 3 or 2 wire z-wave dimmer, so thanks to it, any older home can be turned into a smart one as efficiently as a new house. The device does not require a neutral wire or a minimum load, so it will enable you to connect and remotely control even the low wattage bulbs.

Mini dimmer - The smallest wireless dimmer in the world

One dimmer, many benefits

Unlike many other light dimmers, Qubino Mini Dimmer lets you remotely control and dim all types of dimmable bulbs, from LEDs, CFL, halogen to incandescents, always bringing a maximum amount of dimming range.

We all know that, for example while having a meal, we enjoy different lighting than when watching a movie, sitting by the computer or reading a book. This excellent light dimmer switch will help you to   create different ambience throughout your home. You will be able to sit by the book, enjoying in a wonderfull bright light, while the rest of the room will remain dimmed, so other family members can for example watch the TV without disturbing your reading. If you decide to try this wireless dimmer, you will be able to create just a perfect mood for any moment and occasion, a flattering glow for a romantic occasion or a party inspiring lighting. But, did you know that it also enables you to turn your lights on or off anytime and from anywhere, either you are relaxing at home, busy at work, or traveling around the world?  With its help you can prevent burglars from breaking into your home, simulating your presence, by turning your lights on and off, when there is no one at home.

The last, but not the least, let us not forget to mention that Qubino Mini dimmer is extremely environmentally friendly, as it consumes the least electricity in the dimmer community (only 0,4W). The company also only uses recyclable carton materials, so the device is made of 0% plastics.