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Smart dimming of LED lights

In the past, you needed a special dimmer to dim your LED lights, as standard dimmers just weren't suitable for the job. Manual dimmers had to have an integrated electronic system to dim LED lights properly. While incandescent bulbs worked with “leading edge” dimmers, LED lights could only be dimmed with “trailing edge” dimmers. The difference arises because LED lights have a lower wattage range, as do trailing edge dimmers. With the advancement of smart dimmers, things became much simpler. The cheapest and simplest option is to install a smart dimmer behind the existing (and suitable for the light source) dimmer switch, which will instantly upgrade it into a smart dimmer. But if you want a full functioning smart switch, you still have to check for compatibility, as LED lights function quite differently than other light bulbs. One solution is to use dimmable LED lights with a traditional dimmer, the other to invest in a LED compatible dimmer.

Smart dimmers for all light bulbs

Most manufacturers of smart home products now offer solutions which work with all types of dimmable light bulbs, including LED lights, despite their different technology. Smart dimmers are becoming very small and easy to install behind existing dimmer switches, turning your LED lights and other light sources into an interconnected lighting system which you can control from just about anywhere via your smart phone. Smart dimmers usually have to be adjusted to the wattage used by a specific light source, but can also detect the range automatically.

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Benefits of LED light dimmers

The benefits a smart dimmer switch or smart lighting system bring into your home and life are practically endless. There is the obvious “no need to get up” argument, which comes in handy when you are too tired or lazy to dim the lights, when you forget to turn them off once you've already gone to bed or work. The dimming option is great for when your child is developing a fear of the dark, for when you are hosting a dinner party or having an intimate evening in. There is the added benefit of saving energy. The remote operating option comes in handy while you are away on holiday and would like to give the neighbourhood thieves the impression that your house isn't empty. The list goes on and on and is only limited by the imagination and needs of each particular user. Connecting all your lights into a dimmable lighting system allows you to pre-programme different lighting atmospheres, saving you time and hassle when it comes to conjuring the right mood or impressing your guests, not to mention achieving the most relaxing and comfortable light environment for you and your family.

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Even portable light sources can be dimmed

Much has been said for wall mounted dimmers and smart dimmer switches which are installed behind them, but this doesn't mean that you can't dim an ordinary LED desk lamp or any other portable/not wall or ceiling mounted light fixture. You can simply change or upgrade the electrical cable and substitute your regular dimmer for a smart one. This will let you control your lamps remotely, via a wireless connection, and also include your LED lamps into your smart controled lighting system. A popular choice are 12V light dimmers, which are available for all light sources, including LED, and tipically dim up to 60 watts. They are a great choice for camping, cars and trailers or any other environment where 12V direct current is used.