wireless smart home

Qubino’s innovative smart lighting system

The Qubino’s smart lighting system, which combines several devices such as light dimmers and other smart lights, allows you to control and monitor the illumination in your home from your mobile app or computer, even when you're not at home. The remote control light bulb technology allows you to manage different types of bulbs, such as the standard 240 VAC bulb and 12/24 VDC low power bulbs. The wireless light switch can operate with halogen, fluorescent and LED bulbs. On a mobile app, you can turn the lights on and off with the use of one button. If you install light dimmers, you can scroll the screen and dim the lights on the scale from 0 to 100 percent. This means that they can also be dimmed at 50 percent. You can also choose and set different colors. On your phone, you can monitor the power of the bulb and how much energy it consumes in each room. This also gives you control over energy efficiency and power consumption.

A smart lighting system can be easily and quickly installed in your home, office, business premises or elsewhere.

Smart lighting - security in every room in your home

Smart lights can be installed in all rooms of the house, such as kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, cellar and beyond. There are no restrictions on the choice, as Z-Wave smart lighting devices can be easily installed behind a wall switch or as part of a DIN rail installation. In this way, you can create different illumination in each corner of the house. You can illuminate one part of the room as you read a book, while the rest of the room is dimmed so it's not too bright. Z-Wave smart lighting system also protects your house from burglars. For example, when you go on holiday, you can turn on the lights in the evening so that thieves would think you are at home. Light dimmers, like Mini dimmer, offer maximum cybersecurity. The technology provides a certified level of security. Each Z-Wave security product is equipped with a unique identification number and an encrypted code that is connected to the smart home hub platform. Therefore, there is no possibility of hacking into the smart lighting system.

Different types of light dimmers

Qubino's innovative product is the Mini Dimmer, one that is a quarter smaller than any other wireless light dimmers in the world. These devices allow you to create the perfect atmosphere by managing and dimming the smart lights in any room of the house. In an app, you can turn the lights on or off, set the timer, and regulate the power consumption of each remote control light bulb. These mini light dimmers can connect with various types of bulbs such as incandescent, halogen, LED, LED strip-up and fluorescent bulbs. The smart lighting solutions also offer a Qubino Flush Dimmer that has a built-in sensor for measuring the room's temperature. All the data is displayed on the phone. Smart lighting with Flush RGBW Dimmer allows you to choose from 16 million shades of color. These devices also allow you to set the smart lighting special effects so that you can create an atmosphere in desired colors.

Universal mini light dimmers can be arranged in 2- and 3-wire systems.

Simple installation of smart lights

A smart lighting system can be easily and quickly installed in your home, office, business premises or elsewhere. Due to its small size, a Mini Dimmer also fits into flat and wire-pressed control cabinets or boxes. Universal mini light dimmers can be arranged in 2- and 3-wire systems. This means that the device can be connected to neutral electrical wiring in the smart lighting system configuration or the system without neutral electrical wires. Also, a built-in switch can be easily transformed into a wireless light switch and connected to a programmed smart home hub. The wireless light switch connects to already fit light bulbs without requiring minimum load power to install smart lights. Smart lighting devices also work on pre-existing low power bulbs.

Energy efficient Z-Wave smart lights

You can also install other Z-Wave devices in your home, such as the Flush Relay device that allows you to use the app to check whether the smart lights are on or off, and control them with specific parameters. The advantage of the Qubino smart lighting solutions lies in its energy efficiency, as the devices enable power savings of up to 30 percent. Also, these products are environmentally friendly because they are not made of plastic, but of durable, recyclable cardboard. The advantage is that you can adapt the smart lighting system to your needs and wishes. The smart lights are compatible with all certified gateways that support the Z-Wave communication protocol connected to the home hub platform. You can always add and install various newer devices to the remote control light bulb technology. RGB LED signaling also helps with controls and settings. You can use your RGB LED to check whether your wireless smart lighting devices are switched on or off in the network.