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Dim the lights, please

With the introduction of dimmable lights for household use came the need to dim, dim, dim. Who knew just light or no light would come out of fashion so quickly. There is something romantic, secretive, private in the gesture of a hand reaching for the dimmer switch. It holds all kinds of meanings. Recently, this very private or sociable (depending on the company and the occasion) action took to new heights with smart dimmers. They add even more elegance to the already smart move. Contemporary wireless dimmers give a sophisticated touch to any room or house, making it instantly appear more modern and organised.

Upgrading your existing lights is an easy task

Luckily, making your dimmers smart is a realitvely easy endeavour. All you need are smart dimmers, which can be mounted behind your existing wall switches and hidden from view. As they are operated through a wireless communication protocol (most commonly z-wave), you can control any or all of your lights remotely, from your home, office or any other place with a wireless internet connection. With just a swipe on your smart phone, you can turn your lights on or off, dim them or even chose among different pre-set lighting options. Smart dimmers work with all dimmable light sources, including LED, fluorescent or halogen light bulbs. Smart dimmers are easy to install and even easier to use, and they remain a top selling item among smart products.

Wireless dimmer

Building your own z-wave network

Z-wave wireless communication protocol, which operates at low level radio frequency waves, ensures less disturbances from other networks, is safe and reliable. As z-wave technology is used by a number of manufacturers, there are many compatible products from different companies on the market. Going z-wave is therefore a smart choice if you want to keep your future upgrade options open. Z-wave operates in a mesh network, connecting a device with the one closest to it and so on ... This allows you to build a network spanning your entire house and even include outdoor spaces without having to upgrade your wireless network reach. Needless to say, all smart dimmers, once installed, still let you operate your lights manually.

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LED, halogen or fluorescent - smart dimmers cover all

People often ask whether smart dimmers can be used with LED lights, as they are sometimes not compatible with traditional dimmer switches. This is because LED lights‘ circuitry is a bit different from incadescent lights. However, with smart dimmers this shouldn’t be a problem. You can generally use a smart dimmer with any dimmable light bulb, LED or otherwise.

Dimmer for led

Mini dimmers are the next step in smart lighting systems

Although extremely practical and invisible once installed, most smart dimmers are still considerable in size, which means that the hole you need to dig behind your wall mounted light switch to fit the smart dimmer in, also has to be quite large. Companies have been struggling to bring smart dimmers down in size for some time, and there are now mini dimmers available on the market, which are up to 25 % smaller than traditional dimmers, without compromising their effectiveness and overall performance.

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