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Smart home can be remotely controlled and monitored

If you have ever had to rush back to your house, just to check if you have switched off the water, or turned out the heating, you will surely appreciate having a smart home.

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What is a smart home?

A smart, or with other expression, connected home is networked to enable the interconnection and interoperability of multiple devices, services and apps which are delivered over multiple interlinked and integrated devices, sensors, tools and platforms. The system allows them to be remotely controlled, monitored and accessed, to provide connected, real-time, smart and contextual experiences for the household inhabitants. Smart devices connect to the internet also many of them have smartphone apps, allowing us to access and control them over Wi-Fi.

What can a smart home do?

Using the smart home technology, we can control and see what is happening in our home, even when we are not there using a smartphone, tablet or in some cases computer. For example, we can install a home camera that allows us to check in on our pets or other house inhabitants whenever we want. There is also the potential to lower the cost of our utility bills, as we get the chance of remotely monitoring our heating, water and electricity. Connected homes can also protect the most vulnerable part of society. Some devices can trigger an alert if an elderly person fails to take their pills, falls over or is behaving outside their normal routine.

Smart home technology

Smart home technology

The technologies behind the connected  homes are usually divided in the following categories:

Networking category consist of familiar home networking technologies (high bandwidth/high power consumption) such as multimedia over coax alliance (MoCA), ethernet, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, as well as 3G and long term evolution (LTE), that are complemented with low-power consumption networking standards for devices and sensors that require low bandwidth and consume very little power, such as thermostats.

Media and Entertainment category covers integrated entertainment systems inside the household and includes accessing and sharing digital content across different devices. It turns out to be the richest of categories and contains some of the most advanced technologies in the connected home.

Home security/monitoring and home automation covers a variety of services that focus on monitoring and protecting the home, like for example the remote and automated control of doors, windows, blinds and locks, heating/air conditioning, lighting, home appliances, and more.

Energy management category is closely linked to smart cities and government initiatives, yet consumer services and devices/apps are being introduced also at mass-market prices that allow people to track, control and monitor their gas/electricity consumption.

Healthcare, Fitness and Wellness category offers a wide range of various devices, sports wares, apps, etc. , which can seamlessly integrate with each other to create a strong customer experience.

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Best smart home devices

Goap d.o.o started with a vision to bring comfort, safety and energy efficiency to every home.

In the past, just controlling the lights, shades and other electronic devices with your smartphone, was a privilege that only few could afford. To have it we had to break the walls of our home and install new wires, so it was generally available only to those, who were building new houses or were ready to invest big amounts of money.

The goal of a company was to offer affordable, easy applicable and simple connected home solutions that can be used by anyone. They developed a whole range of wireless smart home products, which enable us to control our electronic devices with our smartphone. Their Qubino solutions are the synonym for the best smart home devices.

Until today the company has developed 15 Z-Wave smart home controllers, 7 of which are unique even worldwide. They continuously upgrade their portfolio with new original innovations, tailored to become a part of our family and simplify our everyday life. With Qubino home automation our home will become safer, more comfortable and energy efficient.