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Mini Dimmer That Is Different From Other Light Dimmers

Technology is going crazy, and the drive for portability has brought about many bizarre designs, with many gadgets modified to become smaller and easy to move about. When it comes to light dimmers, you will hardly come across a very tiny one, but this particular dimmer is tiny, so small that no other wireless dimmer can be compared to it in terms of size.

Before talking about this touch led dimmer, let's brush up a little bit about dimmers in general. What is a dimmer? Dimmers are special devices attached to a light fixture and they serve the primary purpose of reducing the brightness of the light. How possible is it to reduce the intensity of the light? This is made possible by transforming the voltage waveform applied to the lamp. Dimmers come in various sizes, as there are small sizes that are as big as the normal light switches used at home. There are also gigantic sizes, and dimmers of such size are used in enormous theatrical or architectural lighting installations. Though these two are the major sizes, mini dimers have recently braced the market, and the first type of wireless mini dimmer is the Qubino mini dimmer. With this said, let's dive a bit more into this mini dimmer.  

Among the best light dimmers in the world, this mini dimmer is produced by Qubino, the lovable tech company that specializes in the manufacture of innovative smart home gadgets and solutions. This mini dimmer from Qubino was well thought out and designed to the excitement of awaiting customers and business partners who love creativity and imagination being brought to reality.

This product, Qubino Mini dimmer, is indeed a universal dimmer and the smallest dimmer in the world, as it is surprisingly 25% smaller than any other wireless dimmer you could ever get in the market. You may be tempted to underrate this mini dimmer because of its ridiculously small size, but be prepared to be shocked after finding out what it is capable of, and it has all the features you would ever think about of other similar products in the market.

Mini dimmer and its advantages

What then are its advantages?

A touch led dimmer, this small but powerful mini dimmer has numerous benefits, and one of it is that it doesn’t require neutral. For older homes, you will likely see a 2-wire electrical system, and this mini dimmer can transform these older homes into smart homes just like they do to new houses. It doesn’t just work in a 2-wire installation, it also works in a 3-wire installation, a feature you will hardly see in other dimmers.

With its size, you should know that it would be quick and easy to install since this mini dimmer from Qubino is specially designed to fit all types of flush mounting anywhere in the world. It can even fit easily into the smallest and narrowest electric boxes, all thanks to its size.

Additionally, for this Qubino mini dimmer, there is no minimum load required since it can even work with the lowest wattage bulbs of 1W, something that can hardly be found among other light dimmers.

As stated earlier, this universal dimmer is 25% smaller when compared with another wireless mini dimmer, and it has the ability to convert your conventional lighting into a smart one, giving you the power to control your lights from anywhere in the world, and also make them dim as you wish. This mini dimmer from Qubino is programmed to function flawlessly with all types of dimmable bulbs.

What do you need the dimmer for? Is it because you are trying to relax on the sofa and need the lights reduced or for your bedroom and stair halls? Whatever you need it for, it can always be controlled miles away, from any part of the world you are, be it on a vacation or in the office.

A powerful universal dimmer, this mini dimmer from Qubino has the special ability to work with any bulb type you prefer, a feature some dimmers lack. There are different bulb types, including LEDs, halogen, fluorescent, and even incandescent bulbs, and since they are designed differently, not all dimmers can work with all of these bulbs, as each bulb requires its special type of dimmer. However, this Qubino mini dimmer is specially designed to work with any bulb type you use, as it can smartly calibrate and become compatible with the bulb type of your choice. This is a very powerful and important feature because you don’t have to be worrying and trying to figure out if your dimmer will work with your bulb.

A touch led dimmer that is different from other types of light dimmers, there are many other exciting features about this Qubino mini dimmer, and it isn’t just small, it is also very powerful! Transform your lights today, get the Qubino Mini Dimmer here. 

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