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Helpful Tips to Get the Right Dimmer Switch for Your Home

If you want to make a big difference in your home’s lighting, then dimmer switches are ideal, as they are economical and easy to install. The secrets of dimmers are often overlooked, as many don’t know how powerful they can be in transforming the mood of every single room in your home. They are so powerful and only a single touch of the switch can make a huge difference in your home.

Dimm lights to make special ambiance

With the many products out there, you may end up not knowing the right dimmer switch to purchase, but this shouldn’t be so, and this is why we are here for you. There are several factors to put into consideration when buying a dimmable light switch, and one of them is the room or space you want to install it.

Though they are commonly installed in dining rooms and entry halls, there are also other spaces you can use dimmers. Dimmers are good for bathrooms because when you wake up in the morning you don’t want to be met with strong bright lights as you step in the bathroom, and dimmers help your body adjust to the lights as you are getting fully awake.

Also, your bedroom is another suitable place where these dimmers should be installed. How do they help in the bedroom? The bedroom is traditionally for rest, but with bright lights, it could be difficult for you to rest since bright lights keep you awake. However, dimmers cut down the intensity of your bedroom lights, helping your body wind down and relax. They are also helpful in kitchens, hallways, and also other spaces in the home where you don’t need fully bright lights.

The bulb type should also be considered when you want to get a light dimmer switch. Under this, there is the incandescent/halogen type, and this goes well when you use standard incandescent or halogen lighting system at home. Another type is the compact fluorescent and LED, and these are more advanced and more reliable. Other types are the Magnetic Low-Voltage (MLV), and Electronic Low-voltage (ELV). Under this factor, ensure that your dimers are compatible with the bulbs you use, and vice versa.

One factor some people fail to consider when getting a light dimmer switch is the wattage. Lighting works differently from other aspects of your home, and you should ensure that your dimmers and wattage of your bulb are compatible. With this, ensure you put into consideration the number of bulbs to be used on one dimmer. Why? This is because using more LEDs than the accepted number on a dimmer will render the dimmer ineffective.  

With that said, you should also consider the types of a dimmer switch, as there are many in the market. Depending on what you need it for, it is important to know the wattage needed, and you could select a single pole or 3 way dimmer switch.

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A single-pole dimmer is useful for controlling light fixtures that are controlled by just a single dimmer in your home. In simpler terms, this single pole dimmer is the only switch you can use in putting the lights on and off, and also to get them dim. On the other hand, a 3 way dimmer switch is different and has more advantage, so what is it?

A 3 way dimmer switch is simply one that has three terminals. This makes it possible for the lights to be controlled from two or more locations. Don’t let the name scare you, it is very easy to install, and with just some simple tools and accurate wiring drawing, you can add it to any room of your choice.

Where should I use a 3 way dimmer switch? These types of dimmers are suitable for large areas where you want to control the lights from different points of access like hallways, multi-entrance bathrooms, and stairwells, amongst others.

The control style of a light dimmer switch should also be checked. Though not very important, it is a nice idea to choose a control style that suits your taste. Since they come in different styles, you can make a choice on the one you prefer and for different rooms, based on your home design and other factors.

Transforming your home through automated lighting and dimmers is a plausible idea, and whatever type of dimmer switch you want, we have got you covered. Sometimes, you may be confused about the type of switch to go for, but this shouldn’t bother you much as we are here for you.

Qubino offers you the best solutions for your home automation, and you can always find the right dimmers for your smart home, be it a 3 way dimmer switch or any other dimmable light switch. Be in charge of your mood, see for yourself dimmers and other smart lighting devices to control your lights.

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