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The difference between a smart home and just a home

There’s no place like home, smart or not, we can all agree on this. But on the other hand, it also holds true that from the dawn of the age of smart home products, our lives have become increasingly more and more comfortable. It’s not easy to pinpoint the start of the smart home revolution, as the more rudimentary home automation systems are decades old. Anyway, when we talk about smart home products today, we are thinking of wireless control of household appliances and home systems, from smart lights to heating and irrigation systems, to smart shutters, doors and locks, IT devices and so on.

Smart lights

The increasing need for comfort

Where does this need for ever greater comfort come from? One could argue that our lives are getting more and more stressful, therefore calling for homes with as little stress as possible involved in managing them. Or we could say that stress is somewhat relieved when we transfer our worries onto reliable computer-operated security systems. But maybe the answer just lies in the fact that we as human beings always strive to improve ourselves and our living conditions. Whatever the case, smart household appliances have filled our homes, smart lights are now illuminating our lives, and we are thoroughly enjoying the free time they afford us.

Smart home products

It all starts with smart lights

Whatever our intentions when we first start browsing through a smart home products catalogue, smart lights are usually the first relevantly smart item which makes it into our homes and our lives. This is not surprising, as most traditional lights can be adapted to become smart lights, the cost is very resonable, the installation simple and the effect immediately visible. We must stress that there is nothing wrong with easing into the transition to a smart home at the shallow end. The process of smarting up your home and your household appliances should be an enjoyable as well as a practical one.

What good are smart lights without smart shutters?

It seems funny, but once you get the feel of everything your smart lighting system is capable of, it’s sometimes hard to wait for nighttime to enjoy its full effect. Getting up and manually closing every window shutter in your house just to get your light show on seems silly though, and that’s where smart shutters come in! All jokes aside, smart shutters are much more than just an integral part of your latest entertainment system. They can be pre-programmed to manage the amount of light and heat which reaches (or doesn’t reach) your home, thus helping to maintain appropriate indoor temperature and minimising energy spent for heating or air conditioning. In addition to pre-programmed schedule which takes the worry out of everyday adjustments, smart shutters of course offer the option of remotely operating them in case of bad weather, unexpected events or just plain laziness.

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