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Garden smart sensor is becoming increasingly popular

Cleaning and maintaining the garden isn’t always an easy task. It can often end up being tiresome and time-consuming. Fortunately, with the development of smart garden technology, some products that are recently on the market have the real potential to make gardening more efficient and less stressful.

A garden smart sensor is a quite popular device that measures factors such as soil moisture, light intensity and external temperature, and includes the soil moisture in the irrigation control system using the smart App. We simply plant this kind of smart sensor into the ground next to a plant, where it measures the outside temperature and the light intensity.

Smart irrigation controllers

Irrigation system

Sometimes it seems we are constantly chasing after the seemingly impossible goal of a perfect green lawn, tired of running around with the hose and sprinkler. Maybe an area that we live in doesn’t get much rain?  If that is the case, an irrigation system might be just a perfect thing we need.

Irrigation systems save time, as they are designed to do our watering. New technology helps them know when and where water is needed, without our nudging or impatient encouragement. Instead of worrying about watering our garden, they help us relax, spend some quality time, have fun with our children, friends or relatives.

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Smart irrigation system

With the world’s population constantly rising, water is becoming more and more scarce. Up to 70% of world’s water consumption is used for irrigation. Sadly, approximately half of it gets wasted due to inefficient irrigation methods.

With smart irrigation, we will be positively doing a favour to ourselves and the world. There is no question about it, the smart irrigation saves water compared to ordinary irrigation systems. Controlled studies show that this kind of smart systems save between 20% and 50% of water.

A smart irrigation system collects information from sensors and sends predefined user orders to actuators, which make the water sprinkler to go off. The data is collected by moisture sensors. A user defines the moisture, the temperature range and the levels he desires. When the threshold is reached an action is performed (for example, the system stops irrigating when moisture is at a certain level). The irrigation controller also makes sure that the water has a good flow, the pipes are not clogged or leaking, etc. The system is easily controllable via a smartphone app. Based on the weather information and sensor data, the controller determines on its own when it is the best time, how long to irrigate and how much water to use.

In conclusion, making our watering system smart is a smart thing to do. Our main benefits will be the remote control of the sprinkler system via smartphone app, an option of setting the schedules to water our garden automatically, adding various sensors (rain, soil wetness, etc.) to know better what our plants need, getting notifications and preventing errors like leakages, saving water, lower water bills and an option of a voice control to control the watering system.

Irrigation system

Smart irrigation controllers

An irrigation control system may also be known as an irrigation controller.

Irrigation controllers are stand-alone irrigation units that control our irrigation. Simply stated, a smart irrigation controller or a timer has built-in water saving features, including a sensor to adjust to the optimal sprinkler run time, based on the local weather conditions. Smart controllers help to provide a healthy, beautiful landscape while reducing water use. Since it is a standalone solution, we will need to check if it is compatible with our smart home controller.