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Let’s shed some light on smart lighting systems

When talking about smart lights, we basically have in mind lights that can be operated by remote light switches. Yet, the field of smart lighting is a vast one. From simple remote control of a single light source, to a mesh network wirelessly connecting many light bulbs, from controlling when a light source is on or off, to chosing the colour and intensity of your smart lights, there is no limit to what smart lighting systems are capable of. In addition, light control can be done in real time or pre-programmed for special events or general daily/nightly use. The wide spectrum of possibilities when it comes to smart lights may at first seem confusing, but is actually good news, as it can mould into the most perfect fit for each individual user.

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Cost efficiency of smart lighting systems

As they have been around for a while, smart light controls have become very affordable in recent years, which means you can get your starting kit of remote light switches at a very reasonable cost. The downside is, of course, that once you get hooked on smart lights, you are more than likely going to start following the latest tech trends and developments, eventually spending more than you first bargained for. Which is maybe not such a bad thing, as it means that light control in your house graduated from a mere necessity into a full blown hobby which ends up giving you much more than just light.

What you’ll need to make your lights smart

There are several ways to go about smarting up your lights. The market offers many affordable products, from light bulbs to smart plugs and remote light switches. Whether you chose one or all of them, you will need an additional mode of controling your system. This can be a simple app on your phone, a voice controled platform or a wall mounted tablet, which is a more practical solution for homes equipped with several smart systems.

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What are wireless light bulbs?

There is a lot of talk about wireless light bulbs. The term is technically loose, as light bulbs need to be directly connected to their energy source and thus cannot operate “wirelessly”. What is meant by wireless light bulbs is actually a mesh network, where every light bulb is wirelessly connected to its neighbour, thus creating the possibility to remotely operate large numbers of light sources and create different lighting “moods” or atmospheres. You will also need a router wich connects the mesh network of your wireless light bulbs to your phone. Taking this into account, wireless light bulb networks are a very attractive and fun way to upgrade the lighting systems of your home.

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Pre-programmed options are one of the best and least used features

With a wide range of user possibilities, it comes as no surprise that most light control options remain untouched. Once they find a couple of ways to comfortably use the product, owners often don’t feel the need to explore further. And while this is not a tragedy in any way, it is worth noting that one of the best features of remote light switches and wireless light bulb systems is the option to pre-programme their performance. This comes in especially handy whenever you’re away on vacation and want to give potential burglars the impression that you’re actually home all the time.