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Heating and ventilation plays an important role in every single home

According to a set of chosen conditions in the buildings, the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, control the temperature, humidity and air quality, by transferring heat and moisture in and out of the air, and controlling the level of air pollutants, by directly removing or diluting them to acceptable levels.

This kind of systems vary in their size and function. If they were designed and installed during the building's construction, they are usually larger and a key component of the centralised building services. To deliver heating and cooling they use ventilation. Other systems provide heating through boilers and radiators, with some limited ventilation to provide fresh air or cooling to certain parts of the building.

For addressing a specific overheating problem that didn't exist originally or wasn't apparent at the time of the original design, there are usually some additional individual comfort cooling units. For example, the huge increase in the use of computers, which generate a lot of heat, means that many older buildings now need additional cooling or ventilation.

Smart underfloor heating

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating turns our whole floor into a radiator. The large surface area doesn’t require a very high temperature to warm the room, therefore using less energy with a fast heat up time and comfortable heat, this type of heating is the optimal modern solution for any home.

We are talking about an invisible installation that heats the temperature of a room by transmitting heat from the floor into the ambient air. There are two types of underfloor heating.

Hydronic type uses a hot water circuit, installed under the floor. The pipes are laid on thermal insulating plates, covered with cast screed and a floor covering. The heat of the water flowing through the pipes increases the temperature in the room. The screed distributes the heat evenly, as well as providing a flat surface for fitting the chosen floor covering.

Electric underfloor heating, delivers the heat through a circuit of electrical elements in the floor. The entire surface area of the room is covered with insulating plates that distribute the heat evenly. Off course, the system is connected to the power circuit.

Ventilation solutions

Smart underfloor heating

Underfloor heating ensures even heat distribution, promotes a better indoor climate and saves energy. All wired and water-carrying, underfloor heating systems can now be conveniently and easily controlled. With help of smart room thermostats for this kind of systems, the heating cycles can be set directly on the device, intuitively by voice command or via smartphone when the user is away from home. It means that heat is provided only when it is necessary, unlike with conventional devices. For example, if there is no one at home and we have forgotten to switch of the heat, we can easily turn it off, from wherever we are. Also, if we are on our way home and want a literally warm welcome, we can set the desired room temperature, by just a few taps on our smartphone.

Ventilation solutions

Heat recovery ventilation still remains the optimal solution for energy performance and the provision of excellent air quality throughout the year. Passive house accredited and complying with System 4 of the current Building Regulations, domestic HRV and ERV units ensure balanced whole house ventilation and a year-round comfortable, healthy and energy efficient indoor climate.

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Smart home ventilation

The very common experience of many homeowners is that upon their arrival from work, their house is freezing, or at least cold. With Qubino smart heating and ventilation solutions, we make sure our home temperature is always perfect and the air fresh. Qubino solutions allow us to control electric or water heating systems and provide smart home ventilation. Their smart heating and ventilation systems come with special apps that makes sure we can easily manage our home temperatures even when we are not there at all.