wireless smart home

Smart homes are a reality

Technological innovations have brought smart homes to life. Companies dedicated to putting smart home technologies to good use have been developing different applications for some time, but only recently has the market become rife with new and exciting products. From lighting to heating, to home security and irrigation, life just got a whole lot simpler with smart home solutions. Maximum simplicity and efficiency are key to all new smart home technologies, as manufacturers of smart home devices try to solidify the budding relationship with their target audience, which ranges from students and young families to older techies. Their products seldom leave customers cold and often craving for more. Boosted by the broader EU efforts to promote smart cities and smart living, smart home technologies are truly starting to flourish.

Remote control of windows

Smart windows are a great way to ease into smart home technology

With smart home technologies, windows quickly turn from mere “eyes of our home” into inteligent interfaces which use novel materials to manipulate the relationship between the inside and outside of our living environment. When we first thought of smart windows, curtains and window roller shutters, we were mostly focused on remote control of opening and closing them which would enable regulation of heat and air flow even without our physical presence. Truth be told, this is still the most common use of smart home technologies in windows and curtains. From the first electrically operated roller shutters half a century ago, remote control of windows, shutters and curtains has become one of the staples of every smart home system.

Window roller shutters

Smart windows are capable of so much more

Today, smart windows can regulate not only the amount of light passed through but also the amount of heat generated by the sun, as well as the transparency of window panels. This allows for regulation of solar heat gain by diverting infrared light and only letting through the visible part of light spectrum. Additionally, smart window panels are capable of not only shading but also obscuring the view from outside in, thus ensuring a feeling of privacy without compromising the views of the outside environment. With additional options designed to manage the effects of sun glare and reduce its negative effects on human sight, smart windows with smart glass provide a never before seen array of options for use.

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Benefits of smart windows can be applied in a variety of settings, from domestic to commercial

The novel applications brought on by smart windows make them excellent additions not only to our homes, but also to public and commercial spaces, and offices. They can serve as privacy providing partitions at one moment, and as transparent “space openers” in the next. They are still a more than welcome way to navigate through days and seasons without spending too much energy on heating and cooling systems, and if you are not a fant of modern window panels made of liquid chrystals, remote controle of window roller shutters and curtains will add an elegant touch to your mornings and returns home from work.