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Every home appliance is going smart

Smart home appliances have exploded on the market in recent years. This is mainly due to the fact that even traditional home appliances can be automated and integrated into a central smart control system via a smart plug. A smart plug works in much the same way with every appliance in your home, producing smart TV switches, smart stoves, smart irons and smart water heaters in the process. It allows users to remotely operate their appliances, turning them off or on from wherever they are, or pre-programme their operating schedule.

Smart stove

Smart TV switch does more than turns the TV on or off

With a smart TV switch, you are basically transporting your remote control onto your phone or tablet and operating your TV from wherever you are, providing you have internet access. It enables you to track, save, record and perform all other tasks which you normally would while at home, but also gives you the possibility to monitor access of others to your TV (which is a big plus for hard working parents with under-aged kids at home, as any busy and concerned parent will tell you). In addition, it helps protect your TV and other devices from accidents related to bad weather (lightning).

Electric smart ovens come in woth a wide range of possibilities

Smart stoves are a welcome addition to your smart home system. They can be pre-programmed, remote controlled, and even help you cook better by adjusting the heat to cook your dishes more evenly. A smart stove usually includes a smart oven, which comes in handy whith lengthy preparation at lower oven temperatures, as this allows you to leave your oven unattended and only control it through a smart app on your phone or tablet. Even traditional ovens and stoves can be upgraded into smart ones by connecting them to a power source via a smart plug, which allows users to turn them on or off whenever they want, though it is worth noting that in this case you actually control the power source and not the actual oven, which means that you need to partially pre-programme your stove before every use.

It is easier with smar tv

Are smart irons really a good idea?

When it comes to any heat source, people tend to get jumpy about leaving them unattended, and rightly so, as there have been many iron and stove related fires in the past. The good thing about smart irons (and stoves) is, that they come with an automatic shut off function. In addition, smart irons have eliminated the need for applying a lot of pressure when ironing your colthes and other textiles. With a simple touch, they lower onto fabric and iron it out, giving you a wrinkle free and breezy experience. Smart irons are also equipped with sensors that prevent burning the fabric and tipping the iron over.

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Smart water heating is among a favourite home automation solution

Water heating systems are among the most greedy power consumers in every home. Therefore it comes as no surprise that they were among the most welcomed in the world of home automation. Smart water heating eliminates the dilemma of the postindustrial world - leaving the water heater permanently on to be able to take a hot bath at any time, which costs more, or only turning it on when you need it, thus saving money but having to wait for your relaxing bath an hour (at least). Smart water heating systems can be used with water circulation or heat pumps and hot water tanks simply by turning them on or off with your phone, even when you are not phisically at home. In addition, they allow you to control the water temperature by remotely regulating the thermostat (preferably a smart one). This allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds - have hot water ready when you feel like it and keep your energy bill low.