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The difference smart dimmers make

Just like regular dimmers, smart dimmers control the intensity of lights in your home. Instead of just two extremes of on and off, dimmers offer the whole range in between both. Dimmer switches became a popular technological solution a long time ago, but with the advance of wireless smart technologies, they are now more popular than ever. Because they are an easy and affordable feature, they are usually the first step when it comes to upgrading your home into a smart one. On one hand, they are very easy to install, the most basic solutions come in plug-in forms which connect wirelessly to your smart phone or hub, thus letting you control all lights in your house remotely. Secondly, the technology still lets users operate dimmer switches manually, which further smooths the transition from a traditional to a more modern way of living.

Installing a wireless dimmer switch

Most smart dimmer switches are installed behind the existing ones and are hidden inside the walls of your home. This is a very practical and neat solution, as it doesn't require a lot of work, but still yields impressive results. The installation process is simple enough so that most DIY prone home owners are able to complete it without outside help. Manufacturers and providers of wireless dimmers sell them with all necessary parts, and also offer all the necessary tools for their installation, just in case something is missing in your personal toolbox. Smart light dimmers come with comprehensive installation guides, while manufacturers and sellers are always happy to provide any additional advice necessary. And while you can always rely on professionals to do the job, there is quite a lot of pleasure in upgrading your home by yourself, especially when the upgrade gives such visible results.

Less worries about compatibility

In the old days, there was a lot of thought given to whether different features and fixtures would be able to connect and properly function together. With smart wireless technology, this worry has become a thing of the past. While checking for compatibility is (and always will be) the smart thing to do prior to investing in any purchase, light dimmer switches are generally manufactured to work with all light sources, no matter the technology. Nowadays smart dimmer switches work with LED, incandescent or any other light bulb. What you should pay attention to is the wireless technology itself. Emerging as one of the most popular is z-wave technology. Because of its safety, reliability, broader reach and resistance to interference from other sources, it has become the go to technology for many smart product manufacturers. A great number of them even connected in a consortium of companies to ensure maximum interoperability of their smart light dimmer switches and all other smart home solutions.

Wireless dimmer

Smart dimmer switches are just one of the solutions

Smart dimmers are very popular because of their simplicity. They are a perfect start for aspiring smart home owners, as they are easily upgraded further, with smart plugs, smart light bulbs and smart wireless lighting assistants. The good thing is that once installed, they will remain an important element of your smart home system despite all the additional features you might pile on in the future. While smart lighting is in no way the only smart home system, it is by far the most commonly used and enjoyed one, which is a very solid reason to start your home conversion with wireless dimmer switches.